unshown AIP movies

from Moviecollector's unofficial obscure old schedule project

Last updated  3/20/2023

This is a partial summary - just AIP movies which I don't have any evidence aired on TCM.

Feature length movies are listed here by year produced.

This listing does not indicate whether or not a movie is believed to be lost.

title_date Top Actors Genres Duration Director Writers Composers Cinemato grapher ProdCo Countries
The Big T.N.T. Show (1966) Baez, Joan; Clark, Gene; Clarke, Mike; (and 22 others) Documentary; Music 95 min Peerce, Larry

Boatman, Bob American International Pictures (AIP) [us] USA
Fireball 500 (1966) Avalon, Frankie; Funicello, Annette; Fabian; (and 27 others) Action; Comedy; Drama; Musical; Sport 92 min Asher, William (I) Asher, William (I); Townsend, Leo (I) Baxter, Les (I) Crosby, Floyd American International Pictures (AIP) [us] USA
The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (1966) Kirk, Tommy; Walley, Deborah; Kincaid, Aron; (and 29 others) Comedy; Horror; Musical 82 min Weis, Don Heyward, Louis M.; Ullman, Elwood Baxter, Les (I) Cortez, Stanley American International Pictures (AIP) [us] USA
Nashville Rebel (1966) Jennings, Waylon; Frann, Mary; (and 2 others) Drama; Music 95 min Sheridan, Jay (I) Kerns, Ira; Sheridan, Jay (I); Westin, Click Blanford, Robert Elsenbach, John American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Show Biz Inc. [us] USA
Sadismo (1967)
Documentary 81 min
Marx, Philip Baxter, Les (I)
American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Trans American Films [us] USA
Thunder Alley (1967) Funicello, Annette; Fabian; McBain, Diane; (and 17 others) Action; Drama; Romance; Sport 88 - 89 min Rush, Richard (I) Salkowitz, Sy Allan, Davie; Curb, Mike (I) Askins, Monroe P. American International Pictures (AIP) [us] USA
Angels from Hell (1968) Stern, Tom; Markland, Ted; Starrett, Jack; (and 16 others) Action 86 min Kessler, Bruce Wish, Jerome Phillips, Stu Knox, Herman American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Fanfare Films [us] USA
Killers Three (1968) Walker Jr., Robert; Varsi, Diane; Clark, Dick; (and 11 others) Crime; Drama 88 min Kessler, Bruce Clark, Dick (I); Fisher, Michael (III) Curb, Mike (I); Hatcher, Harley; Styner, Jerry Contner, J. Burgi; Hunt, Paul (I) American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Dick Clark Productions [us] USA
Maryjane (1968) Fabian; McBain, Diane; Coughlin, Kevin; (and 30 others) Drama 95 min Dexter, Maury Dexter, Maury; Gautier, Dick; Marshall, Peter (I) Brown, Lawrence (IV); Curb, Mike (I) Moore, Richard (IV) American International Pictures (AIP) [us] USA
The Mini-Skirt Mob (1968) Slate, Jeremy; McBain, Diane; Jackson, Sherry; (and 8 others) Action; Drama 82 min Dexter, Maury White, James Gordon Baxter, Les (I) Dalzell, Archie R. American International Pictures (AIP) [us] USA
The Savage Seven (1968) Walker Jr., Robert; Frank, Joanna; Garwood, John; (and 17 others) Action; Crime; Drama; Thriller 94 min Rush, Richard (I) Fisher, Michael (III); Ross, Rosalind (I) Curb, Mike (I); Styner, Jerry Kovács, László (I) American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Dick Clark Productions [us] USA
The Young Animals (1968) Nardini, Tom; McCormack, Patty; Frank, Joanna; (and 17 others) Drama 100 min Dexter, Maury White, James Gordon Baxter, Les (I) Peach, Kenneth American International Pictures (AIP) [us] USA
Chastity (1969) Cher; London, Barbara; Whittaker, Steve; (and 9 others) Drama; Romance 83 min de Paola, Alessio Bono, Sonny Bono, Sonny Colman, Ben (I) American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Progress Motion Pictures [us] USA
De Sade (1969) Dullea, Keir; Berger, Senta; Palmer, Lilli; (and 13 others) Biography; Drama; History; Thriller 120 min Corman, Roger; Endfield, Cy; Hessler, Gordon (I) Berg, Peter (V); Lély, Gilbert; Matheson, Richard (I) Strange, Billy Angst, Richard American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Central Cinema Company Film (CCC) [de]; Trans Continental West Germany; USA
The Heart of Variety (1969)
Documentary 50 min

American International Pictures (AIP) [us] USA
Hell's Belles (1969) Slate, Jeremy; Roarke, Adam; Lane, Jocelyn; (and 19 others) Action; Drama; Thriller 95 min Dexter, Maury McMullen, R.G.; White, James Gordon Baxter, Les (I) Peach, Kenneth American International Pictures (AIP) [us] USA
Marquis de Sade: Justine (1969) Kinski, Klaus; Power, Romina; Rohm, Maria; (and 17 others) Drama; Horror 90 - 124 min Franco, Jesús (I) de Sade, Marquis; Towers, Harry Alan Nicolai, Bruno Merino, Manuel (I) Aica Cinematografica S.R.L [it]; American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Corona Filmproduktion [de]; Etablissement Sargon Liechtenstein; West Germany; Italy; USA
Angel Unchained (1970) Stroud, Don; Askew, Luke; Bishop, Larry; (and 15 others) Action; Drama; Thriller 86 min Madden, Lee (I) Fiskin, Jeffrey Alan (I); Madden, Lee (I) Sparks, Randy (I) Lippman, Irving American International Pictures (AIP) [us] USA
A Bullet for Pretty Boy (1970) Fabian; Lane, Jocelyn; Warner, Astrid; (and 23 others) Action; Biography; Crime; Drama; Thriller 89 min Buchanan, Larry; Dexter, Maury Buchanan, Larry; Huston, Tony (II); Rosenbaum, Henry Hatcher, Harley Davidson, James R. American International Pictures (AIP) [us] USA
Cry of the Banshee (1970) Price, Vincent; Persson, Essy; Heath, Hilary; (and 38 others) Horror 87 - 91 min Hessler, Gordon (I) Kelly, Tim (I); Wicking, Christopher Baxter, Les (I); Josephs, Wilfred
American International Pictures (AIP) [us] UK
Up in the Cellar (1970) Stern, Wes; Collins, Joan; Hagman, Larry; (and 7 others) Comedy; Romance 94 min Flicker, Theodore J. Flicker, Theodore J.; Hall, Angus (I) Randi, Don Rath, Earl (I) American International Pictures (AIP) [us] USA
The Vampire Lovers (1970) Pitt, Ingrid; Steel, Pippa; Smith, Madeline; (and 17 others) Horror 91 min Baker, Roy Ward Fine, Harry (I); Gates, Tudor; Le Fanu, Sheridan; Style, Michael Robertson, Harry (I) Grant, Moray American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Fantale Films [gb]; Hammer Films [gb] UK; USA
Wuthering Heights (1970) Calder-Marshall, Anna; Dalton, Timothy; Andrews, Harry; (and 26 others) Adventure; Drama; Romance 100 - 104 min Fuest, Robert Brontë, Emily; Tilley, Patrick Legrand, Michel Coquillon, John American International Pictures (AIP) [us] UK
Chrome and Hot Leather (1971) Smith, William; Young, Tony; Haynes, Michael; (and 14 others) Action; Drama 91 min Frost, Lee (I) Haynes, Michael (I); Neibel, David; Tait, Don Jordan, Porter Frost, Lee (I) American International Pictures (AIP) [us] USA
Together (1971) Chambers, Marilyn Drama 61 - 72 min Cunningham, Sean S. Cunningham, Sean S. Vardi, Emmanuel Chaudhri, Amin Q.; Murphy, Roger (II) American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Sean S. Cunnigham-Roger Murphy Productions [us] USA
Dr. Phibes Rises Again (1972) Price, Vincent; Quarry, Robert; Cushing, Peter; (and 12 others) Comedy; Horror 89 min Fuest, Robert Blees, Robert; Fuest, Robert; Goldstein, William (I); Whiton, James (I) Gale, John (I) Thomson, Alex (I) American International Pictures (AIP) [us] UK; USA
Frogs (1972) Milland, Ray; Elliott, Sam; Van Ark, Joan; (and 13 others) Horror; Mystery; Romance; Sci-Fi; Thriller 78 - 91 min McCowan, George Blees, Robert; Hutchison, Robert Baxter, Les (I) Tosi, Mario American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Peter Thomas Productions USA
Slaughter (1972) Brown, Jim; Stevens, Stella; Torn, Rip; (and 16 others) Action; Crime; Drama 92 min Starrett, Jack Hanna, Mark (I); Williams, Don (V) De Jesus, Luchi Solano, Rosalío American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Slaughter USA; Mexico
Slaughter's Big Rip-Off (1973) Brown, Jim; McMahon, Ed; Stroud, Don; (and 32 others) Action; Crime; Drama; Thriller 94 min Douglas, Gordon (I) Johnson, Charles Eric; Williams, Don (V) Brown, James (I); Wesley, Fred Wheeler, Charles F. American International Pictures (AIP) [us] USA
Abby (1974) Marshall, William; Carter, Terry; Stoker, Austin; (and 25 others) Horror 89 min Girdler, William Girdler, William; Layne, Gordon Cornell Ragland, Robert O. Asman, William L. American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Mid-America Pictures [us] USA
Act of Vengeance (1974) Harris, Jo Ann; Brown, Peter; Pryor, Jennifer Lee; (and 27 others) Crime; Drama; Horror; Thriller 81 - 90 min Kelljan, Bob Christian, H.R.; Kidd, David (I) Marx, Bill (I) Marquard, Brick American International Pictures (AIP) [us] USA
Bamboo Gods and Iron Men (1974) Iglehart, James; Washington, Shirley; Chiquito; (and 13 others) Action; Adventure; Comedy; Crime; Drama 96 min Gallardo, Cesar Metcalfe, Ken; Zucchero, Joseph (I) Sotto, Tito Sacdalan, Felipe American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Premiere Productions [ph] Philippines; USA
The Bat People (1974) Moss, Stewart; McAndrew, Marianne; Pataki, Michael; (and 8 others) Horror; Romance 91 min Jameson, Jerry Shaw, Lou Kane, Artie Leonetti, Matthew F. American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Eastborne Productions [us] USA
Melvin Purvis G-MAN (1974) (TV) Robertson, Dale; Yulin, Harris; Sargent, Dick; (and 14 others) Action; Biography; Crime; Drama 74 min Curtis, Dan (I) Milius, John (I); Nolan, William F. Cobert, Bob Marquette, Jacques R. American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Dan Curtis Productions [us] USA
The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat (1974) Hinnant, Skip; Rose, Reva; Holt, Bob; (and 26 others) Animation; Comedy 77 - 79 min Taylor, Robert (III) Crumb, Robert (I); Halliday, Fred (I); Monte, Eric (I); Taylor, Robert (III) Scott, Tom (I) Bemiller, Ted C.; Heschong, Gregg American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Cine Camera [us]; Steve Krantz Productions [us] USA
Savage Sisters (1974) Hendry, Gloria; Caffaro, Cheri; Ortiz, Rosanna; (and 17 others) Action; Drama 86 min Romero, Eddie (I) Corner, Harry; Moon, H. Franco Baxter, Les (I) Paulino, Justo American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Cinema Projects International; Hemisphere Pictures [ph] USA; Philippines
Superuomini, superdonne, superbotte (1974) Canti, Aldo; Hannibal, Marc; Yueh, Hua; (and 35 others) Action; Adventure; Comedy; Fantasy; Sci-Fi 105 min Brescia, Alfonso Brescia, Alfonso; Crudo, Aldo Micalizzi, Franco Rossi, Fausto (I) A Erre Cinematografica [it]; American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Cinematográfica Pelimex [mx]; Shaw Brothers [hk] Italy; Hong Kong; Mexico
Cornbread, Earl and Me (1975) Gunn, Moses; Cash, Rosalind; Casey, Bernie; (and 31 others) Drama; Sport 95 min Manduke, Joseph Fair, Ronald; Lamensdorf, Leonard Byrd, Donald (I) Brenner, Jules American International Pictures (AIP) [us] USA
Murph the Surf (1975) Conrad, Robert; Stroud, Don; Mills, Donna; (and 23 others) Biography; Comedy; Crime; Drama 101 min Chomsky, Marvin J. Kean, E. Arthur; Kuhn, Allan Dale Lambro, Phillip Hugo, Michel American International Pictures (AIP) [us] USA
Sixpack Annie (1975) Bloom, Lindsay; Bellan, Jana; Higgins, Joe; (and 19 others) Action; Comedy; Romance 88 min Thorne, Fred G. David, Wil; Kidd, David (I); Winski, Norman Kraushaar, Raoul Lacambre, Daniel American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; United Producers USA
At the Earth's Core (1976) McClure, Doug; Cushing, Peter; Munro, Caroline; (and 10 others) Adventure; Fantasy 89 - 90 min Connor, Kevin (I) Burroughs, Edgar Rice; Subotsky, Milton Vickers, Michael (I) Hume, Alan (I) American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Amicus Productions [gb]; Burroughs Productions Inc. [us] UK; USA
J.D.'s Revenge (1976) Turman, Glynn; Gossett Jr., Louis; Pringle, Joan; (and 25 others) Action; Horror; Thriller 96 min Marks, Arthur Starkes, Jaison Prince, Robert (I) May, Harry J. American International Pictures (AIP) [us] USA
A Small Town in Texas (1976) Bottoms, Timothy; George, Susan; Hopkins, Bo; (and 20 others) Action; Adventure; Crime; Drama; Romance 96 min Starrett, Jack Norton, William W. Bernstein, Charles (I) Jessup, Robert C. American International Pictures (AIP) [us] USA
Squirm (1976) Scardino, Don; Pearcy, Patricia; Dow, R.A.; (and 17 others) Horror 93 min Lieberman, Jeff (I) Lieberman, Jeff (I) Prince, Robert (I) Mangine, Joseph American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Squirm Company USA
The Incredible Melting Man (1977) Rebar, Alex; DeBenning, Burr; Healey, Myron; (and 23 others) Horror; Sci-Fi 84 min Sachs, William Sachs, William Ober, Arlon Kurant, Willy American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Dynamite Entertainment [us]; Quartet USA
The Island of Dr. Moreau (1977) Lancaster, Burt; York, Michael; Davenport, Nigel; (and 9 others) Adventure; Fantasy; Horror; Romance; Sci-Fi; Thriller 99 min Taylor, Don (I) Ramrus, Al; Shaner, John Herman; Simmons, Richard Alan; Wells, H.G. Rosenthal, Laurence (I) Fisher, Gerry (I) American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Cinema 77 [us]; Major Productions [us]; Winters Hollywood Entertainment Holdings Corporation [us] USA
Rolling Thunder (1977) Devane, William; Jones, Tommy Lee; Haynes, Linda; (and 32 others) Action; Crime; Drama; Thriller 95 min Flynn, John (I) Gould, Heywood; Schrader, Paul (I) De Vorzon, Barry Cronenweth, Jordan American International Pictures (AIP) [us] USA
Force 10 from Navarone (1978) Shaw, Robert; Ford, Harrison; Bach, Barbara; (and 34 others) Action; Drama; War 118 - 126 min Hamilton, Guy (I) Chapman, Robin (I); Foreman, Carl (I); MacLean, Alistair Goodwin, Ron (I) Challis, Christopher American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Columbia Pictures Corporation [us]; Mondo Film 78 [de]; Navarone Productions [gb]; Open Road [us]; TBC UK; USA
Jennifer (1978) Pelikan, Lisa; Convy, Bert; Foch, Nina; (and 15 others) Horror 90 min Mack, Brice (I) Johnson, Kay Cousins; Krantz, Steve
Goodnoff, Irv American International Pictures (AIP) [us] USA
Matilda (1978) Gould, Elliott; Revill, Clive; Guardino, Harry; (and 31 others) Comedy; Crime; Family; Sport 105 min Mann, Daniel (I) Galfas, Timothy; Gallico, Paul; Ruddy, Albert S. Immel, Jerrold Woolf, Jack (I) American International Pictures (AIP) [us] USA
Our Winning Season (1978) Jacoby, Scott; Benson, Deborah; Quaid, Dennis; (and 12 others) Drama 92 min Ruben, Joseph Niciphor, Nicholas Fox, Charles (I) Katz, Stephen M. (I) American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Cinema 77 [us] USA
C.H.O.M.P.S. (1979) Eure, Wesley; Bertinelli, Valerie; Bain, Conrad; (and 22 others) Comedy; Family; Sci-Fi 89 min Chaffey, Don Barbera, Joseph; Poole, Duane; Robbins, Dick (I) Curtin, Hoyt Wheeler, Charles F. American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Hanna-Barbera Productions [us] USA
The Evictors (1979) Parks, Michael; Morrow, Vic; Harper, Jessica; (and 27 others) Crime; Drama; Horror; Mystery; Thriller 92 min Pierce, Charles B. Fisk, Paul; Pierce, Charles B.; Rusoff, Garry Mendoza-Nava, Jaime Bryant, Chuck (I) American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Charles P. Pierce Production Inc. Presentation [us] USA
Cool and the Crazy (1994) (TV) Blanc-Biehn, Jennifer; Flint, Matthew; Leto, Jared; (and 15 others) Action; Drama; Thriller 84 - 90 min Bakshi, Ralph Bakshi, Ralph Mann, Hummie Schaefer, Roberto American International Pictures (AIP) [us] USA