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Last updated  4/7/2021

This is a list of current and future airings that haven't been shown in at least ten years. See my TCM Schedules Summary for the full list.

Listing is in order of appearance on schedule. [Currently under testing]

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Movie Top Actors Genres Duration Director Writer Composer Cinemato grapher ProdCo Countries Rating Votes Last 2 Scheduled All Scheduled
Almost Famous (2000)
Crudup, Billy; McDormand, Frances; Hudson, Kate; (and 72 others) Adventure; Comedy; Drama; Music 162 min Crowe, Cameron Crowe, Cameron Wilson, Nancy Toll, John Columbia Pictures [us]; DreamWorks [us]; Vinyl Films [us] USA 7.9 219204 2021-04
Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)
Grant, Hugh; Fleet, James; Callow, Simon; (and 54 others) Comedy; Drama; Romance 117 min Newell, Mike Curtis, Richard Bennett, Richard Rodney Coulter, Michael (I) Channel Four Films [gb]; PolyGram Filmed Entertainment [gb]; Working Title Films [gb] UK 7.1 114803 2021-04
Silverado (1985)
Kline, Kevin; Glenn, Scott; Costner, Kevin; (and 47 others) Action; Crime; Drama; Romance; Western 133 min Kasdan, Lawrence Kasdan, Lawrence; Kasdan, Mark Broughton, Bruce Bailey, John (I) Columbia Pictures Corporation [us]; Delphi IV Productions [us]; Eaves Movie Ranch [us] USA 7.2 30039 2021-04
Don't Knock the Rock (1956)
Bill Haley and the Comets; Dale, Alan; Freed, Alan; (and 13 others) Music 84 min Sears, Fred F. Kent, Robert E.
Kline, Benjamin H. Clover Productions [us] USA 5.7 270 2021-05
Main Street After Dark (1945)
Arnold, Edward; Royle, Selena; Trout, Tom; (and 4 others) Drama 57 min Cahn, Edward L. Higgins, John C.; Kamb, Karl Bassman, George Rose, Jackson (I) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) [us] USA 5.9 125 2021-05
Everybody's Hobby (1939)
Rich, Irene; O'Neill, Henry; Moran, Jackie; (and 11 others) Action; Adventure; Comedy; Drama 54 min McGann, William C. Brockway, William W.; Gamet, Kenneth Jackson, Howard Hickox, Sidney Warner Bros. [us] USA 5.4 43 2021-05
The Kiss Before the Mirror (1933)
Carroll, Nancy; Morgan, Frank; Lukas, Paul; (and 9 others) Mystery 69 min Whale, James Fodor, Ladislas; Forst, Emil; McGuire, William Anthony; Partos, Frank Harling, W. Franke Freund, Karl Universal Pictures [us] USA 6.9 232 2021-05