Has It Been 10 Years?

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"a heads up"

Last updated  9/3/2021

This is a list of current and future airings that haven't been shown in at least ten years. See my TCM Schedules Summary for the full list.

Listing is in order of appearance on schedule.

Movie Top Actors Genres Duration Director Writer Composer Cinemato grapher ProdCo Countries Rating Votes Last 2 Scheduled All Scheduled
The Emperor Jones (1933)
Robeson, Paul; Digges, Dudley; Wilson, Frank H.; (and 3 others) Drama 80 min de Mille, William C.; Murphy, Dudley Heyward, DuBose; O'Neill, Eugene Tours, Frank Haller, Ernest John Krimsky and Gifford Cochran Inc. [us] USA 6.5 683 2021-09
Jericho (1937)
Robeson, Paul; Wilcoxon, Henry; Ford, Wallace; (and 11 others) Adventure; Drama; Musical 77 min Freeland, Thornton Barraud, George; Futter, Walter; Lee, Robert N.; Ruric, Peter Phillips, Van; Ralston, Alfred Boyle, John W. Buckingham Film Productions [gb]; Capitol Film Corporation [gb] UK 6.2 181 2021-09
Kansas City Bomber (1972)
Welch, Raquel; McCarthy, Kevin; Kallianiotes, Helena; (and 13 others) Drama; Sport 99 min Freedman, Jerrold Clements Sr., Calvin; Rickman, Thomas; Sandler, Barry Ellis, Don Koenekamp, Fred J. Artists Entertainment Complex; Levy-Gardner-Laven [us]; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) [us]; Raquel Welch USA 5.5 834 2021-09
The Bad News Bears (1976)
Matthau, Walter; O'Neal, Tatum; Morrow, Vic; (and 23 others) Comedy; Drama; Family; Sport 102 min Ritchie, Michael Lancaster, Bill Fielding, Jerry Alonzo, John A. Paramount Pictures [us] USA 7.3 17376 2021-10
Black Sunday (1977)
Shaw, Robert; Dern, Bruce; Keller, Marthe; (and 28 others) Action; Drama; Thriller 143 min Frankenheimer, John Harris, Thomas; Lehman, Ernest; Moffat, Ivan; Ross, Kenneth Williams, John Alonzo, John A. Paramount Pictures [us]; Robert Evans Company [us] USA 6.8 5546 2021-10
Ladies Must Live (1940)
Morris, Wayne; Lane, Rosemary; Patrick, Lee; (and 10 others) Comedy; Romance 58 min Smith, Noel M. Cohan, George M.; Kent, Robert E. Jackson, Howard McCord, Ted D. Warner Bros. [us] USA 5.9 36 2021-10
Little Shop of Horrors (1986)
Stubbs, Levi; Moranis, Rick; Greene, Ellen; (and 40 others) Comedy; Family; Musical; Romance; Sci-Fi 94 - 102 min Oz, Frank Ashman, Howard; Corman, Roger; Griffith, Charles B. Goodman, Miles Paynter, Robert (I) Geffen Company, The [us] USA 6.9 53061 2021-10
Songwriter (1984)
Nelson, Willie; Kristofferson, Kris; Dillon, Melinda; (and 46 others) Drama; Music 94 min Rudolph, Alan Shrake, Bud Cansler, Larry Leonetti, Matthew F. TriStar Pictures [us] USA 6.4 398 2021-10
Emma Mae (1976)
Hayes, Jerri; Williams II, Ernest; Brooks III, Charles D.; (and 9 others) Drama 100 min Fanaka, Jamaa Fanaka, Jamaa Barnum, H.B. Posey, Stephen L. Bob-Bea Productions [us] USA 6.2 181 2021-10