Has It Been 10 Years?

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Last updated  11/2/2021

This is a list of current and future airings that haven't been shown in at least ten years. See my TCM Schedules Summary for the full list.

Listing is in order of appearance on schedule.

Movie Top Actors Genres Duration Director Writer Composer Cinemato grapher ProdCo Countries Rating Votes Last 2 Scheduled All Scheduled
The Outsiders: The Complete Novel (2005)
[The Outsiders (1983)]
Howell, C. Thomas; Dillon, Matt; Macchio, Ralph; (and 22 others) Crime; Drama 91 - 114 min Coppola, Francis Ford Hinton, S.E.; Rowell, Kathleen Coppola, Carmine Burum, Stephen H. AMLF [fr]; Zoetrope Studios [us] USA; France 7.2 61519 2021-11
Marius (1931)
Raimu; Fresnay, Pierre; Charpin, Fernand; (and 6 others) Comedy; Drama; Romance 120 - 130 min Korda, Alexander Pagnol, Marcel Gromon, Francis Pahle, Theodore J. Les Films Marcel Pagnol [fr] France 7.9 1546 2021-11
The Count of the Old Town (1935)
[Munkbrogreven (1935)]
Dalquist, Valdemar; Cæsar, Julia; Wallén, Sigurd; (and 5 others) Comedy; Romance 83 min Adolphson, Edvin; Wallén, Sigurd Fischer, Arthur; Fischer, Siegfried; Stevens, Gösta Sylvain, Jules Dahlqvist, Åke Fribergs Filmbyrå AB [se] Sweden 6.1 147 2021-12
Swedenhielms (1935)
Ekman, Gösta; Berglund, Björn; Westergren, Håkan; (and 5 others) Comedy; Drama 88 min Molander, Gustaf Bergman, Hjalmar; Bergman, Stina; Molander, Gustaf Bengtson, Eric Dahlqvist, Åke Svensk Filmindustri (SF) [se] Sweden 5.9 158 2021-12
Dollar (1938)
Bergman, Ingrid; Rydeberg, Georg; Rolf, Tutta; (and 5 others) Comedy 78 min Molander, Gustaf Bergman, Hjalmar; Bergman, Stina Bengtson, Eric Dahlqvist, Åke Svensk Filmindustri (SF) [se] Sweden 5.8 189 2021-12
June Night (1940)
[Juninatten (1940)]
Bergman, Ingrid; Löfgren, Marianne; Zellman, Lill-Tollie; (and 12 others) Drama 89 min Lindberg, Per Hyltén-Cavallius, Ragnar; Lindberg, Per; Nordström-Bonnier, Tora Johansson, Gunnar; Sylvain, Jules Dahlqvist, Åke Svensk Filmindustri (SF) [se] Sweden 6.1 295 2021-12
The Big Punch (1948)
Morris, Wayne; Maxwell, Lois; MacRae, Gordon; (and 3 others) Drama 80 min Shourds, Sherry Brown, George Carleton; Girard, Bernard Lava, William Guthrie, Carl E. Warner Bros. [us] USA 6.9 21 2021-12