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Below is a list of premieres generated from upcoming first occurrences.

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Movie Top Actors Genres Duration Director Writer Composer Cinemato grapher ProdCo Countries Rating Votes Day All Scheduled
Lost in Translation (2003)
Johansson, Scarlett; Murray, Bill; Takeshita, Akiko; (and 47 others) Drama 102 min Coppola, Sofia Coppola, Sofia Shields, Kevin Acord, Lance American Zoetrope [us]; Elemental Films [us]; Focus Features [us]; Tohokushinsha Film Corporation (TFC) [jp] USA; Japan 7.8 343400 03/06/2023 Shown(1x)
Gangs of New York (2002)
DiCaprio, Leonardo; Day-Lewis, Daniel; Diaz, Cameron; (and 99 others) Crime; Drama 167 min Scorsese, Martin Cocks, Jay; Lonergan, Kenneth; Zaillian, Steven Shore, Howard Ballhaus, Michael (I) Alberto Grimaldi Productions [it]; Initial Entertainment Group (IEG) [us]; Miramax [us] USA; Italy 7.5 338068 03/09/2023 Shown(1x)
The Fog of War (2003)
[The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara (2003)]
McNamara, Robert Biography; Documentary; History; War 107 min Morris, Errol
Glass, Philip Chappell, Robert; Donahue, Peter (II) Globe Department Store, The [us]; RadicalMedia [us]; SenArt Films [us]; Sony Pictures Classics [us] USA 8.2 20242 03/29/2023 Shown(1x)
The Invention of Cinema: Cinema Finds its Voice (2022)

04/01/2023 Shown(1x)
Jack L. Warner: The Last Mogul (1993)
Zimbalist Jr., Efrem Biography; Documentary 104 min Orr, Gregory Orr, Gregory Beeftink, Herman Scott, Jeff (X) Gregory Orr Productions [us] USA 6.5 42 04/02/2023 Shown(2x)
Jack L. Warner: The Last Mogul (1993)
Zimbalist Jr., Efrem Biography; Documentary 104 min Orr, Gregory Orr, Gregory Beeftink, Herman Scott, Jeff (X) Gregory Orr Productions [us] USA 6.5 42 04/10/2023 Shown(2x)
Treasure Island (1973)
Dawson, Richard; Jones, Davy; McKennon, Dal; (and 3 others) Adventure; Animation; Comedy; Family; Musical 87 min Sutherland, Hal Starr, Ben; Stevenson, Robert Louis

Filmation Associates [us] USA 6.8 87 04/17/2023 Shown(1x)
Full Metal Jacket (1987)
Modine, Matthew; Baldwin, Adam; D'Onofrio, Vincent; (and 101 others) Drama; War 116 min Kubrick, Stanley Hasford, Gustav; Herr, Michael; Kubrick, Stanley Kubrick, Vivian Milsome, Douglas Natant; Stanley Kubrick Productions [gb]; Warner Bros. [us] UK; USA 8.3 534205 04/21/2023 Shown(1x)
Rollover (1981)
Fonda, Jane; Kristofferson, Kris; Cronyn, Hume; (and 45 others) Drama; Mystery; Romance; Thriller 116 min Pakula, Alan J. Kohn, Howard; Shaber, David; Weir, David Small, Michael Garroni, Guglielmo; Rotunno, Giuseppe IPC Films USA 5.3 902 04/28/2023 Shown(1x)
Fan-Fan the Tulip (1953)
[Fanfan la Tulipe (1952)]
Philipe, Gérard; Lollobrigida, Gina; Herrand, Marcel; (and 19 others) Adventure; Comedy; Romance; War 95 - 102 min Christian-Jaque Christian-Jaque; Fallet, René; Jeanson, Henri; Wheeler, René Thiriet, Maurice; Van Parys, Georges Matras, Christian Amato Produzione; Filmsonor [fr]; Les Films Ariane [fr]; Rizzoli Editore [it] Italy; France 7.3 2087 05/03/2023 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Spree Lunch (1957)

05/06/2023 Shown(1x)
Sky High (1922)
Mix, Tom; MacDonald, J. Farrell; Novak, Eva; (and 3 others) Action; Drama; Romance; Western 58 min Reynolds, Lynn Reynolds, Lynn
Kline, Benjamin H. Fox Film Corporation [us] USA 5.9 111 05/08/2023 Shown(1x)
The Big Diamond Robbery (1929)
Mix, Tom; McGuire, Kathryn; Beal, Frank; (and 5 others) Action; Drama 65 min Forde, Eugene Bartlett, Randolph; Clark, Frank Howard; Forde, Eugene; Twist, John
Devol, Norman Film Booking Offices of America (FBO) [us] USA

05/08/2023 Shown(1x)
Madonna of the Seven Moons (1945)
Calvert, Phyllis; Granger, Stewart; Roc, Patricia; (and 15 others) Drama; Mystery 88 min Crabtree, Arthur Lawrence, Margery; Pertwee, Roland
Cox, Jack E. Gainsborough Pictures [gb] UK 6.5 341 05/12/2023 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Spooky Swabs (1957)

05/13/2023 Shown(1x)
The Hit (1984)
Stuart, Freddie; Brown, Ralph; Clarke, A.J.; (and 25 others) Crime; Drama; Thriller 98 min Frears, Stephen Prince, Peter de Lucía, Paco Molloy, Mike (I) Central Productions Ltd. [gb]; Recorded Picture Company (RPC) [gb]; Zenith Entertainment [gb] UK 7.1 5787 05/15/2023 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Assault and Flattery (1956)

05/20/2023 Shown(1x)
A Chorus Line (1985)
Blevins, Michael; Borges, Yamil; Boyd, Jan Gan; (and 27 others) Drama; Music; Musical 113 min Attenborough, Richard Bennett, Michael; Dante, Nicholas; Kirkwood Jr., James; Schulman, Arnold
Taylor, Ronnie (I) Embassy Pictures [us]; Feuer and Martin Production, A [us]; Polygram Pictures [gb] USA 6.1 7891 05/21/2023 Shown(1x)
The Color of Pomegranates (1968)
[Sayat Nova (1969)]
Chiaureli, Sofiko; Alekyan, Melkon; Galstyan, Vilen; (and 5 others) Biography; Drama; History; Music 79 min Parajanov, Sergei Nova, Sayat; Parajanov, Sergei Mansuryan, Tigran Shakhbazyan, Suren Armenfilm [suhh] Soviet Union 7.7 5882 05/22/2023 Shown(1x)