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Last updated  4/5/2019

This is a list of current and future airings that haven't been shown in at least ten years, according to my contiguous block of US TCM schedules from 2001-present, and non-contiguous scheduling between 1994-2000. See my TCM Schedules Summary for the full list.

Listing is in order of appearance on schedule. [Currently under testing]

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Movie Top Actors Genres Duration Director Writer Composer Cinemato grapher ProdCo Countries Rating Votes Last 2 Scheduled All Scheduled
Egypt by Three (1953)
Cotten, Joseph; Stanville, Ann; Craven, Jackie; (and 8 others) Drama 76 min Stoloff, Victor Freiberger, Fred; Morham, Joseph; Morheim, Lou
Hayer, Nicolas Victor Stoloff Productions [us] USA 4.8 40 2019-04
Terror Is a Man (1959)
Lederer, Francis; Thyssen, Greta; Derr, Richard; (and 4 others) Horror; Romance; Sci-Fi 89 min de Leon, Gerardo; Romero, Eddie Harber, Paul; Wells, H.G. Avelino, Ariston Rojas, Emmanuel I. Lynn-Romero Productions [us]; Premiere Productions [ph] Philippines; USA 5.4 435 2019-04
Dixiana (1930)
Daniels, Bebe; Marshall, Everett; Wheeler, Bert; (and 6 others) Comedy; Musical; Romance 100 min Reed, Luther Caldwell, Anne; Reed, Luther Steiner, Max Hunt, J. Roy RKO Radio Pictures [us] USA 5.5 236 2019-04
Alias French Gertie (1930)
Daniels, Bebe; Lyon, Ben; O'Connor, Robert Emmett; (and 6 others) Crime 66 min Archainbaud, George Smith, Wallace; Veiller, Bayard Webb, Roy Hunt, J. Roy RKO Radio Pictures [us] USA 6.5 33 2019-05
Millions Like Us (1943)
Roc, Patricia; Jackson, Gordon; Crawford, Anne; (and 13 others) Drama; War 103 min Gilliat, Sidney; Launder, Frank Gilliat, Sidney; Launder, Frank
Cox, Jack E.; Fogwell, Roy Gainsborough Pictures [gb] UK 6.9 658 2019-05
Beat Street (1984)
Chong, Rae Dawn; Davis, Guy; Chardiet, Jon; (and 75 others) Drama; Music 84 - 105 min Lathan, Stan Davis, Andrew; Gilbert, David; Golding, Paul; Hager, Steven Baker, Arthur; Belafonte, Harry; Lewis, Webster Priestley Jr., Tom Orion Pictures [us] USA 6.5 2795 2019-05
Hope and Glory (1987)
Rice-Edwards, Sebastian; Muir, Geraldine; Miles, Sarah; (and 31 others) Comedy; Drama; Romance 113 min Boorman, John Boorman, John Martin, Peter Rousselot, Philippe Allied Filmmakers; Columbia Pictures Corporation [us]; Davros Films; Goldcrest Films International [gb]; Nelson Entertainment [us] UK; USA 7.4 10265 2019-05
Slap Shot (1977)
Newman, Paul; Martin, Strother; Ontkean, Michael; (and 29 others) Comedy; Drama; Sport 123 min Hill, George Roy Dowd, Nancy
Kemper, Victor J. Kings Road Entertainment [us]; Pan Arts [us]; Universal Pictures [us] USA 7.4 29822 2019-05
Road Agent (1952)
Holt, Tim; Nash, Noreen; Hugo, Mauritz; (and 9 others) Western 60 min Selander, Lesley Houston, Norman Sawtell, Paul Hunt, J. Roy RKO Radio Pictures [us] USA 6.3 58 2019-06
Coffy (1973)
Grier, Pam; Bradshaw, Booker; DoQui, Robert; (and 34 others) Action; Crime; Thriller 84 - 91 min Hill, Jack Hill, Jack Ayers, Roy Lohmann, Paul American International Pictures (AIP) [us]; Papazian-Hirsch Entertainment International [us] USA 6.9 7506 2019-06
Powdersmoke Range (1935)
Carey, Harry; Gibson, Hoot; Williams, Guinn 'Big Boy'; (and 19 others) Romance; Western 72 min Fox, Wallace Buffington, Adele; MacDonald, William Colt
Wenstrom, Harold RKO Radio Pictures [us] USA 7.6 40 2019-06
They Who Dare (1954)
Callard, Kay; Russell, William; Bogarde, Dirk; (and 13 others) Drama; History; War 107 min Milestone, Lewis Westerby, Robert Gill, Robert Cooper, Wilkie British Lion Film Corporation [gb]; Mayflower Pictures Corporation [gb] UK 5.7 416 2019-06
Variety Time (1948)

Comedy; Music 59 min Yates, Hal Solomon, Leo; Yates, Hal Sawtell, Paul
RKO Radio Pictures [us] USA 5.8 47 2019-06
Mystery in Mexico (1948)
Lundigan, William; White, Jacqueline; Cortez, Ricardo; (and 9 others) Crime; Mystery 66 min Wise, Robert Bolton, Muriel Roy; Kimble, Lawrence Sawtell, Paul Draper, Jack RKO Radio Pictures [us] USA 6.1 164 2019-06
To Hell and Back (1955)
Murphy, Audie; Thompson, Marshall; Drake, Charles; (and 17 others) Action; Biography; Drama; Romance; War 106 min Hibbs, Jesse Doud, Gil; Murphy, Audie Gertz, Irving; Lava, William; Mancini, Henry; Maury, Lou Gertsman, Maury Universal International Pictures (UI) [us] USA 7.4 4014 2019-06
Bunker Bean (1936)
Davis Jr., Owen; Latimer, Louise; McWade, Robert; (and 9 others) Comedy; Romance 67 min Hamilton, William; Killy, Edward Dodd, Lee Wilson; Gow, James; Grey, John; Johnson, Henry; North, Edmund H.; Wilson, Harry Leon; Yost, Dorothy
Abel, David (I) RKO Radio Pictures [us] USA 6.0 52 2019-07
Murder at the Baskervilles (1941)
[Silver Blaze (1937)]
Wontner, Arthur; Fleming, Ian; Harding, Lyn; (and 12 others) Crime; Mystery 65 min Bentley, Thomas Conan Doyle, Arthur; Macrae, Arthur; Mear, H. Fowler Power, H. Baynton Blythe, Sydney; Luff, William Julius Hagen Productions [gb] UK 5.8 459 2019-07
That Kind of Woman (1959)
Loren, Sophia; Hunter, Tab; Warden, Jack; (and 3 others) Drama; Romance; War 92 min Lumet, Sidney Bernstein, Walter; Lowry, Robert Amfitheatrof, Daniele Kaufman, Boris Paramount Pictures [us] USA 6.4 408 2019-07
Baby Boom (1987)
Keaton, Diane; Shepard, Sam; Ramis, Harold; (and 47 others) Comedy; Drama; Romance 110 min Shyer, Charles Meyers, Nancy; Shyer, Charles Conti, Bill Fraker, William A. Meyers/Shyer; United Artists [us] USA 6.1 11343 2019-07
Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (1982)
Shatner, William; Nimoy, Leonard; Kelley, DeForest; (and 21 others) Action; Adventure; Sci-Fi 116 min Meyer, Nicholas Bennett, Harve; Meyer, Nicholas; Peeples, Samuel A.; Roddenberry, Gene; Sowards, Jack B. Horner, James Rescher, Gayne Paramount Pictures [us] USA 7.7 96882 2019-07