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Last updated  8/1/2020

This is a list of current and future airings that haven't been shown in at least ten years, according to my contiguous block of US TCM schedules from 2001-present, and non-contiguous scheduling between 1994-2000. See my TCM Schedules Summary for the full list.

Listing is in order of appearance on schedule. [Currently under testing]

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Movie Top Actors Genres Duration Director Writer Composer Cinemato grapher ProdCo Countries Rating Votes Last 2 Scheduled All Scheduled
There's a Girl in My Soup (1970)
Sellers, Peter; Hawn, Goldie; Britton, Tony; (and 17 others) Comedy; Romance 96 min Boulting, Roy Frisby, Terence; Kortner, Peter d'Abo, Mike Waxman, Harry Ascot Productions [us]; Charter Film Productions [gb]; Columbia Pictures [us]; Frankovich Productions [us] UK; USA 5.7 1755 2020-08
Escape in the Fog (1945)
Kruger, Otto; Foch, Nina; Wright, William; (and 3 others) Crime; Drama; Film-Noir 65 min Boetticher, Budd Wisberg, Aubrey
Meehan, George (I) Columbia Pictures Corporation [us] USA 5.9 283 2020-08
The Dark Past (1948)
Holden, William; Foch, Nina; Cobb, Lee J.; (and 12 others) Crime; Film-Noir; Thriller 75 min Maté, Rudolph Blankfort, Michael; Duffy, Albert; MacDonald, Philip; Saul, Oscar; Wald, Malvin; Warwick, James Duning, George Walker, Joseph (I) Columbia Pictures Corporation [us] USA 6.4 769 2020-08
Bugsy (1991)
Beatty, Warren; Bening, Annette; Keitel, Harvey; (and 52 others) Biography; Crime; Drama 149 min Levinson, Barry Jennings, Dean; Toback, James Morricone, Ennio Daviau, Allen Baltimore Pictures [us]; Mulholland Productions; TriStar Pictures [us] USA 6.8 22131 2020-08
Good-Time Girl (1948)
Kent, Jean; Price, Dennis; Lom, Herbert; (and 38 others) Crime; Drama; Film-Noir 81 min MacDonald, David Box, Muriel; Box, Sydney; La Bern, Arthur; Willis, Ted Williamson, Lambert Dade, Stephen Sydney Box Productions [gb] UK 6.9 193 2020-08
As Long as They're Happy (1955)
Buchanan, Jack; Scott, Janette; Carson, Jeannie; (and 24 others) Comedy; Drama; Musical 74 min Lee Thompson, J. Melville, Alan; Sylvaine, Vernon Black, Stanley Taylor, Gilbert (I) Group Film Productions Limited [gb] UK 5.7 80 2020-08
Number One (1969)
Heston, Charlton; Walter, Jessica; Dern, Bruce; (and 8 others) Drama; Sport 100 - 105 min Gries, Tom Moessinger, David Frontiere, Dominic Hugo, Michel Walter Seltzer Productions [us] USA 5.5 297 2020-08
Lost Command (1966)
Quinn, Anthony; Delon, Alain; Segal, George; (and 30 others) Action; Drama; War 129 min Robson, Mark Gidding, Nelson; Lartéguy, Jean Waxman, Franz Surtees, Robert (I) Red Lion USA 6.6 1300 2020-08
Let the Good Times Roll (1973)
Berry, Chuck; Little Richard; Domino, Fats; (and 9 others) Documentary; Music 99 min Abel, Robert; Levin, Sidney

Myers, David (I); Thomas, Robert C. (I) Cinema Associates (III) [us]; Metromedia Producers USA 7.4 240 2020-09
The Kids Are Alright (1979)
Daltrey, Roger; Entwistle, John; Moon, Keith; (and 15 others) Documentary; Music 101 min Stein, Jeff Stein, Jeff Entwistle, John; Moon, Keith Nevard, Peter; Richmond, Anthony B.; Warwick, Norman (I) The Who Films [gb] UK 8.2 3035 2020-09
The Song Remains the Same (1976)
Bonham, John; Jones, John Paul; Page, Jimmy; (and 5 others) Documentary; Music 137 min Clifton, Peter; Massot, Joe Clifton, Peter
Day, Ernest; Parmet, Phil (I) Swan Song UK; USA 7.6 6559 2020-09
Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959)
Walcott, Gregory; McKinnon, Mona; Moore, Duke; (and 18 others) Horror; Sci-Fi 79 min Wood Jr., Edward D. Wood Jr., Edward D.
Thompson, William C. (I) Reynolds Pictures [us] USA 4.0 31246 2020-09
Emergency Hospital (1956)
Reed, Walter; Lindsay, Margaret; Archer, John; (and 5 others) Drama 62 min Sholem, Lee Martin, Don Dunlap, Paul Margulies, William Bel-Air Productions [us]; Schenck-Koch Productions [us] USA 6.1 61 2020-09
The Front Page (1974)
Lemmon, Jack; Matthau, Walter; Sarandon, Susan; (and 22 others) Comedy; Drama; Romance 105 min Wilder, Billy Diamond, I.A.L.; Hecht, Ben; MacArthur, Charles; Wilder, Billy
Cronenweth, Jordan Universal Pictures [us] USA 7.4 9827 2020-10
In Saigon, Some May Live (1967)
[Some May Live (1967)]
Cotten, Joseph; Hyer, Martha; Cushing, Peter; (and 11 others) Drama; Thriller; War 89 min Sewell, Vernon Chantler, David T. Ornadel, Cyril Parslow, Ray Foundation Pictures [gb]; Krasne Entertainments [gb] USA; UK 5.7 14 2020-10
The Werewolf (1956)
Megowan, Don; Holden, Joyce; Tanin, Eleanore; (and 9 others) Horror; Sci-Fi 79 min Sears, Fred F. Gordon, James B.; Kent, Robert E.
Linden, Edward (I) Clover Productions [us] USA 5.9 882 2020-10
The Hired Gun (1957)
Calhoun, Rory; Francis, Anne; Edwards, Vince; (and 6 others) Western 63 min Nazarro, Ray Angell, Buckley; Lang, David Glasser, Albert Marzorati, Harold J. Rorvic Productions [us] USA 5.7 149 2020-10