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Below is a list of premieres generated from upcoming first occurrences among a contiguous block of US TCM schedules from 2001-present, and non-contiguous scheduling between 1994-2000.

Keep in mind this is only valid for the start-of-month date shown above, at which it is actually bound to the database. Beyond that point, it gets tracked by poster Cmovieviewer.

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TCM Forum Premieres Thread
This is the ongoing thread which covers latest premieres and best guess on status of upcoming premieres. It is Mr6666's reminder thread, so he posts reminders here. I kind of hijacked it and then more recently a good amount of sleuthing work has been done here by poster Cmovieviewer (using his and my work).
Premieres Thread

Movie Top Actors Genres Duration Director Writer Composer Cinemato grapher ProdCo Countries Rating Votes Scheduled Day All Scheduled
Peckinpah Suite (2019)

2020-06-3 Shown(2x)
Peckinpah Suite (2019)

2020-06-3 Shown(2x)
MGM Cartoons: Dance of the Weed (1941)

2020-06-6 Shown(1x)
Terry and the Pirates: At the Mercy of the Mob (1940)

2020-06-6 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Olive's Boithday Presink (1933)

2020-06-6 Shown(1x)
Man of the World (1931)
Powell, William; Lombard, Carole; Gibson, Wynne; (and 3 others) Drama; Romance 74 min Goodman, Edward; Wallace, Richard Mankiewicz, Herman J. Hand, Herman Milner, Victor Paramount Pictures [us] USA 6.3 426 2020-06-7 Shown(1x)
Judex (1963)
Pollock, Channing; Bergé, Francine; Scob, Edith; (and 17 others) Action; Crime; Drama 98 min Franju, Georges Bernède, Arthur; Champreux, Jacques; Feuillade, Louis; Lacassin, Francis Jarre, Maurice Fradetal, Marcel Comptoir Français du Film Production (CFFP) [fr]; Filmes Cinematografica [it] France; Italy 7.3 1702 2020-06-7 Shown(1x)
The Five Pennies (1959)
Kaye, Danny; Bel Geddes, Barbara; Armstrong, Louis; (and 9 others) Biography; Drama; Music 112 - 117 min Shavelson, Melville Nichols, Red; Rose, Jack; Shavelson, Melville; Smith, Robert Stevens, Leith Fapp, Daniel L. Dena Productions [us] USA 7.3 1355 2020-06-8 Shown(1x)
The Desperado (1954)
Morris, Wayne; Lydon, Jimmy; Garland, Beverly; (and 10 others) Western 80 min Carr, Thomas Adams, Clifton; Mainwaring, Daniel Kraushaar, Raoul Novak, Joe (I) Silvermine Productions [us] USA 7.0 47 2020-06-9 Shown(1x)
Guns of Diablo (1965)
Bronson, Charles; Oliver, Susan; Russell, Kurt; (and 11 others) Romance; Western 91 min Sagal, Boris Giler, Berne; Taylor, Robert Lewis Harline, Leigh; Scharf, Walter; Sukman, Harry Nickolaus Jr., John M. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) [us] USA 5.7 426 2020-06-9 Shown(1x)
Mystery Train (1989)
Nagase, Masatoshi; Kudô, Yûki; Hawkins, Screamin' Jay; (and 31 others) Comedy; Crime; Drama 110 min Jarmusch, Jim Jarmusch, Jim Lurie, John Müller, Robby JVC Entertainment Networks [jp]; Mystery Train USA; Japan 7.6 20111 2020-06-12 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: Caballero Droopy (1952)

2020-06-13 Shown(1x)
Terry and the Pirates: The Scroll of Wealth (1940)

2020-06-13 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Child Psykolojiky (1941)

2020-06-13 Shown(1x)
Seduced and Abandoned (1964)
[Sedotta e abbandonata (1964)]
Sandrelli, Stefania; Urzì, Saro; Puglisi, Aldo; (and 16 others) Comedy; Drama 115 min Germi, Pietro Germi, Pietro; Incrocci, Agenore; Scarpelli, Furio; Vincenzoni, Luciano Rustichelli, Carlo Parolin, Aiace Lux Compagnie Cinématographique de France [fr]; Lux Film [it]; Ultra Film [it]; Vides Cinematografica [it] Italy; France 8.0 2196 2020-06-14 Shown(1x)
Hardcore (1979)
Scott, George C.; Boyle, Peter; Hubley, Season; (and 47 others) Drama; Thriller 109 min Schrader, Paul Schrader, Paul Nitzsche, Jack Chapman, Michael (I) A-Team [us]; Columbia Pictures Corporation [us] USA 7.0 6075 2020-06-19 Shown(1x)
Tom and Jerry: Garden Gopher (1950)

2020-06-20 Shown(1x)
Terry and the Pirates: Angry Waters (1940)

2020-06-20 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Pest Pilot (1941)

2020-06-20 Shown(1x)
The Castle (1997) (TV)
[Das Schloß (1997) (TV)]
Mühe, Ulrich; Lothar, Susanne; Giering, Frank; (and 22 others) Drama; Mystery 123 min Haneke, Michael Haneke, Michael; Kafka, Franz
Stibr, Jirí 16/9 Action Plan of the European Union [fr]; Arte [de]; Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) [de]; Filmfonds Wien [at]; Wega Film [at]; Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF) [at]; Österreichisches Filminstitut [at] Germany; Austria 6.7 2316 2020-06-21 Shown(1x)
Tiger Bay (1959)
Mills, John; Buchholz, Horst; Mills, Hayley; (and 17 others) Crime; Drama; Thriller 105 min Lee Thompson, J. Calef, Noël; Hawkesworth, John; Smith, Shelley Johnson, Laurie Cross, Eric (I) Independent Artists [gb]; Rank Organisation, The [gb] UK 7.6 1793 2020-06-23 Shown(1x)
Mädchen in Uniform (1931)
Unda, Emilia; Wieck, Dorothea; Schlichter, Hedwig; (and 2 others) Drama; Romance 87 min Froelich, Carl; Sagan, Leontine Colette; Dammann, Friedrich; Winsloe, Christa Milde-Meissner, Hanson Kuntze, Reimar; Weihmayr, Franz Deutsche Film-Gemeinschaft Germany 7.8 1831 2020-06-26 Shown(1x)
The Watermelon Woman (1996)
Dunye, Cheryl; Turner, Guinevere; Walker, Valarie; (and 10 others) Drama 90 min Dunye, Cheryl Dunye, Cheryl Shapiro, Paul Crenshaw, Michelle (I) Dancing Girl USA 6.4 585 2020-06-26 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: Goggle Fishing Bear (1949)

2020-06-27 Shown(1x)
Terry and the Pirates: The Tomb of Peril (1940)

2020-06-27 Shown(1x)
Popeye: I'll Never Crow Again (1941)

2020-06-27 Shown(1x)
Mouchette (1967)
Nortier, Nadine; Guilbert, Jean-Claude; Cardinal, Marie; (and 7 others) Drama 90 min Bresson, Robert Bernanos, Georges; Bresson, Robert Wiener, Jean Cloquet, Ghislain Argos Films [fr]; Parc Film [fr] France 7.8 7764 2020-06-28 Shown(1x)
Terry and the Pirates: Jungle Hurricane (1940)

2020-07-4 Shown(1x)
Popeye: The Mighty Navy (1933)

2020-07-4 Shown(1x)
Paris Belongs to Us (1962)
[Paris nous appartient (1961)]
Schneider, Betty; Esposito, Giani; Prévost, Françoise; (and 27 others) Mystery 120 min Rivette, Jacques Gruault, Jean; Rivette, Jacques Arthuys, Philippe Bitsch, Charles L. Ajym Films [fr]; Les Films du Carrosse [fr] France 6.9 1514 2020-07-5 Shown(1x)
So You Never Tell a Lie (1952)
O'Hanlon, George Comedy; Short 10 min Bare, Richard L. Bare, Richard L.; O'Hanlon, George Lava, William Miller, Ernest (I) Richard L. Bare Productions [us] USA 6.8 13 2020-07-10 Shown(1x)
So You Don't Trust Your Wife (1955)
O'Hanlon, George Comedy; Short 10 min Bare, Richard L. Bare, Richard L.; O'Hanlon, George Lava, William Fredericks, Ellsworth Richard L. Bare Productions [us] USA 6.4 9 2020-07-10 Shown(1x)
So You Want to Be Pretty (1956)
O'Hanlon, George Comedy; Short 10 min Bare, Richard L. Bare, Richard L.; O'Hanlon, George Lava, William DuPar, Edwin B. Richard L. Bare Productions [us] USA 6.9 12 2020-07-10 Shown(1x)
So You Want to Be a Plumber (1951)
O'Hanlon, George Comedy; Short 10 min Bare, Richard L. Bare, Richard L.; O'Hanlon, George Lava, William Miller, Ernest (I) Richard L. Bare Productions [us] USA 6.9 14 2020-07-10 Shown(1x)
So You Want to Enjoy Life (1952)
O'Hanlon, George Comedy; Short 10 min Bare, Richard L. Bare, Richard L. Lava, William Miller, Ernest (I) Richard L. Bare Productions [us] USA 6.9 19 2020-07-10 Shown(1x)
So You Want to Wear the Pants (1952)
O'Hanlon, George Comedy; Short 10 min Bare, Richard L. Bare, Richard L.; O'Hanlon, George Lava, William Fredericks, Ellsworth Richard L. Bare Productions [us] USA 6.7 22 2020-07-10 Shown(1x)
So You Want to Play the Piano (1956)
O'Hanlon, George Comedy; Short 10 min Bare, Richard L. Bare, Richard L.; O'Hanlon, George Lava, William DuPar, Edwin B. Richard L. Bare Productions [us] USA 7.7 27 2020-07-10 Shown(1x)
So You Want to Throw a Party (1950)
O'Hanlon, George Comedy; Short 10 min Bare, Richard L. Bare, Richard L.; O'Hanlon, George Lava, William Siegler, Allen G. Richard L. Bare Productions [us]; Warner Bros. [us] USA 7.1 11 2020-07-10 Shown(1x)
So You Want to Be a Gladiator (1955)
O'Hanlon, George Comedy; Short 10 min Bare, Richard L. Bare, Richard L.; O'Hanlon, George Lava, William Fredericks, Ellsworth Richard L. Bare Productions [us] USA 5.5 11 2020-07-10 Shown(1x)
Signal 30 (1959)

Documentary; Short 28 min Wayman, Richard

Wayman, Richard Ernst & Ernst [us]; Highway Safety Films [us]; Highway Safety Foundation (HSF) [us]; Safety Enterprises Inc. [us] USA 7.0 64 2020-07-10 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: Busybody Bear (1952)

2020-07-11 Shown(1x)
Terry and the Pirates: Too Many Enemies (1940)

2020-07-11 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Nix on Hypnotricks (1933)

2020-07-11 Shown(1x)
Children of Hiroshima (1952)
[Genbaku no ko (1952)]
Otowa, Nobuko; Takizawa, Osamu; Shimizu, Masao; (and 39 others) Drama; War 97 min Shindô, Kaneto Osada, Arata; Shindô, Kaneto Ifukube, Akira Itô, Takeo (I) Kindai Eiga Kyokai [jp]; Mingei Japan 7.9 730 2020-07-12 Shown(1x)
Hiroshima (1953)
Okada, Eiji; Tsukioka, Yumeji; Katô, Yoshi; (and 2 others) Drama 85 min Sekigawa, Hideo Yagi, Yasutarô Ifukube, Akira Nakao, Shunichirô; Urashima, Susumu East West [jp] Japan 8.4 13 2020-07-12 Shown(1x)
Borom sarret (1963)
Abdoulay, Ly; Albourah Drama; Short 20 min Sembene, Ousmane Sembene, Ousmane
Lacoste, Christian
Senegal 7.1 552 2020-07-12 Shown(1x)
My Journey Through French Cinema (2016)
[Voyage à travers le cinéma français (2016)]
Tavernier, Bertrand; Frémaux, Thierry; Marcon, André Documentary 201 min Tavernier, Bertrand Tavernier, Bertrand Coulais, Bruno Alméras, Jérôme; Beaufils, Simon; Pamart, Julien Canal+ [fr]; Centre National de la Cinématographie (CNC) [fr]; Ciné+ [fr]; Gaumont [fr]; Little Bear [fr]; Pathé [fr]; Région Ile-de-France [fr]; Sacem [fr] France 7.5 171 2020-07-14 Shown(1x)
Louisa (1950)
Reagan, Ronald; Coburn, Charles; Hussey, Ruth; (and 11 others) Comedy 90 min Hall, Alexander Roberts, Stanley Skinner, Frank Gertsman, Maury Universal International Pictures (UI) [us] USA 6.5 182 2020-07-16 Shown(1x)
The Crazy World of Julius Vrooder (1974)
Bottoms, Timothy; Hershey, Barbara; Marshall, George; (and 19 others) Comedy; Drama 98 min Hiller, Arthur Henry, Daryl Alcivar, Bob Walsh, David M. Playboy Enterprises [us] USA 6.4 97 2020-07-17 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: Deputy Droopy (1955)

2020-07-18 Shown(1x)
Terry and the Pirates: Walls of Doom (1940)

2020-07-18 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Kickin' the Conga Round (1942)

2020-07-18 Shown(1x)
Notfilm (2015)
Lipman, Ross; Brownlow, Kevin; Douw, Judith; (and 17 others) Documentary 129 - 130 min Lipman, Ross Lipman, Ross Vig, Mihály Lipman, Ross Corpus Fluxus [us]; Milestone Film & Video [us] USA 6.4 120 2020-07-21 Shown(1x)
Who'll Stop the Rain (1978)
Nolte, Nick; Weld, Tuesday; Moriarty, Michael; (and 22 others) Action; Crime; Drama; Thriller; War 126 min Reisz, Karel Rascoe, Judith; Stone, Robert Rosenthal, Laurence Kline, Richard H. Katzka-Jaffe USA 6.8 2009 2020-07-23 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: Doggone Tired (1949)

2020-07-25 Shown(1x)
Terry and the Pirates: No Escape (1940)

2020-07-25 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Blunder Below (1933)

2020-07-25 Shown(1x)
Yi yi (2000)
Wu, Nien-Jen; Jin, Elaine; Ogata, Issei; (and 83 others) Drama; Romance 173 min Yang, Edward Yang, Edward Peng, Kai-Li Yang, Wei-Han 1+2 Seisaku Iinkai [jp]; Atom Films [tw]; AtomFilms [us]; Basara Pictures [jp]; Pony Canyon [jp] Taiwan; Japan 8.1 14488 2020-07-26 Shown(1x)
Insignificance (1985)
Emil, Michael; Russell, Theresa; Curtis, Tony; (and 22 others) Comedy; Drama 109 min Roeg, Nicolas Johnson, Terry Myers, Stanley; Zimmer, Hans Hannan, Peter (I) Recorded Picture Company (RPC) [gb]; Zenith Entertainment [gb] UK 6.7 2533 2020-07-27 Shown(1x)
"Daktari" (1966) {The Killer Dog (#1.9)}
Thompson, Marshall; Miller, Cheryl; Summers, Yale; (and 3 others)
60 min Landres, Paul Clark, William

Ivan Tors Productions [us]; MGM Television [us]

2020-07-30 Shown(1x)
Fury River (1961)
Larsen, Keith; Ebsen, Buddy; Burnett, Don; (and 1 others) Adventure 74 min Crosland Jr., Alan; Lang, Otto; Tourneur, Jacques; Waggner, George Adams, Gerald Drayson; Ellis, Antony; Nibley, Sloan; Roberts, Kenneth; Waggner, George
Smith, Harkness; Wellman, Harold E. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) [us] USA 5.3 35 2020-07-30 Shown(1x)
Vibes (1988)
Bieri, Ramon; Lerner, Michael; Vilchez, Hercules; (and 32 others) Adventure; Comedy; Romance 99 min Kwapis, Ken Blum, Deborah; Ganz, Lowell; Mandel, Babaloo Horner, James Bailey, John (I) Columbia Pictures Corporation [us]; Imagine Entertainment [us] USA 5.5 2838 2020-07-31 Shown(1x)
You and Me (1938)
Sidney, Sylvia; Raft, George; Cummings, Robert; (and 44 others) Crime; Film-Noir; Romance 90 min Lang, Fritz Krasna, Norman; Moffitt, Jack; Van Upp, Virginia Weill, Kurt Lang, Charles (I) Paramount Pictures [us] USA 7.1 777 2020-08-7 Shown(1x)
Thirty Day Princess (1934)
Sidney, Sylvia; Grant, Cary; Arnold, Edward; (and 8 others) Comedy; Romance 74 min Gering, Marion Hellman, Sam; Kelland, Clarence Budington; Mayer, Edwin Justus; Partos, Frank; Sturges, Preston Jackson, Howard; Leipold, John Shamroy, Leon B.P. Schulberg Productions [us]; Paramount Pictures [us] USA 7.0 524 2020-08-7 Shown(1x)
The First Wives Club (1996)
Hawn, Goldie; Midler, Bette; Keaton, Diane; (and 56 others) Comedy 103 min Wilson, Hugh Goldsmith, Olivia; Harling, Robert Shaiman, Marc Thorin, Donald E. Paramount Pictures [us] USA 6.2 34467 2020-08-9 Shown(1x)
CrissCross (1992)
Hawn, Goldie; Howard, Arliss; Gammon, James; (and 24 others) Crime; Drama 100 min Menges, Chris Sommer, Scott Jones, Trevor Strasburg, Ivan Hawn / Sylbert Movie Company [us]; MGM-Pathé Communications Co. [us]; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) [us] USA 5.8 1378 2020-08-9 Shown(1x)
Tap (1989)
Hines, Gregory; Davis Jr., Sammy; Douglas, Suzzanne; (and 38 others) Comedy; Drama; Music 111 min Castle, Nick Castle, Nick Howard, James Newton Gribble, David (I) Beco Films; TriStar Pictures [us] USA 6.5 1189 2020-08-11 Shown(1x)
Night Club Scandal (1937)
Barrymore, John; Overman, Lynne; Campbell, Louise; (and 16 others) Romance; Thriller 70 min Murphy, Ralph Hayward, Lillie; Rubin, Daniel Nathan
Tover, Leo Paramount Pictures [us] USA 7.0 31 2020-08-13 Shown(1x)
The Senator Was Indiscreet (1947)
Powell, William; Raines, Ella; Hayes, Peter Lind; (and 24 others) Comedy 88 min Kaufman, George S. Lanham, Edwin; MacArthur, Charles Amfitheatrof, Daniele Mellor, William C. Inter-John Productions USA 6.8 342 2020-08-20 Shown(1x)
The Weak and the Wicked (1954)
Johns, Glynis; Dors, Diana; Gregson, John; (and 34 others) Drama 72 min Lee Thompson, J. Burnaby, Anne; Henry, Joan; Lee Thompson, J. Lucas, Leighton Taylor, Gilbert (I) Marble Arch Productions [gb] UK 6.3 87 2020-08-21 Shown(1x)
Loan Shark (1952)
Raft, George; Hart, Dorothy; Stewart, Paul; (and 7 others) Crime; Drama; Film-Noir 79 min Friedman, Seymour Ling, Eugene; Rackin, Martin Roemheld, Heinz Biroc, Joseph F. Encore Productions Inc. [us] USA 6.4 248 2020-08-24 Shown(1x)
I'll Get You (1953)
[Escape Route (1952)]
Raft, George; Gray, Sally; Piper, Frederick; (and 6 others) Crime; Drama; Thriller 78 min Friedman, Seymour; Scott, Peter Graham Baines, John; Phipps, Nicholas May, Hans Cross, Eric (I) Banner Films Ltd. [gb] UK 5.4 111 2020-08-24 Shown(1x)
Steamboat Round the Bend (1935)
Rogers, Will; Shirley, Anne; Cobb, Irvin S.; (and 8 others) Comedy; Drama; Romance 81 min Ford, John Burman, Ben Lucien; Nichols, Dudley; Trotti, Lamar Kaylin, Samuel Schneiderman, George Fox Film Corporation [us] USA 7.3 675 2020-08-25 Shown(1x)
For Men Only (1952)
Henreid, Paul; Hughes, Kathleen; Johnson, Russell; (and 8 others) Drama 93 min Henreid, Paul Margolis, Herbert H.; Morheim, Lou Curtin, Hoyt Ivano, Paul H-N Productions [us] USA 7.2 21 2020-08-28 Shown(1x)