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Movie Top Actors Genres Duration Director Writer Composer Cinemato grapher ProdCo Countries Rating Votes Last 2 Scheduled All Scheduled
Lost City of the Jungle: Wave Length for Doom (1946)

2019-06 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Protek the Weakerist (1937)

2019-06 Shown(1x)
You Can't Have Everything (1937)
Faye, Alice; Ritz Brothers, The; Ameche, Don; (and 12 others) Comedy; Musical; Romance 95 min Taurog, Norman Ratoff, Gregory; Tugend, Harry; Tunberg, Karl; Yellen, Jack Mockridge, Cyril J.; Scharf, Walter Andriot, Lucien N. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation [us] USA 6.6 124 2019-06 Shown(1x)
The Rear Gunner (1943)
Meredith, Burgess; Reagan, Ronald; Neal, Tom; (and 3 others) Drama; Short; War 20 min Enright, Ray Gilbert, Edwin Jackson, Howard McCord, Ted D.; Van Trees, James U.S. Army Air Forces [us]; Warner Bros. [us] USA 5.2 147 2019-06 Shown(1x)
Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? (1972)
Winters, Shelley; Lester, Mark; Franks, Chloe; (and 11 others) Horror; Thriller 91 min Harrington, Curtis Blees, Robert; Lambert, Gavin; Osborn, David D.; Sangster, Jimmy Jones, Kenneth V. Dickinson, Desmond American International Productions [gb]; Hemdale [gb] UK 6.2 980 2019-06 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: The Rookie Bear (1941)

2019-06 Shown(1x)
Lost City of the Jungle: The Pit of Pendrang (1946)

2019-06 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Fowl Play (1937)

2019-06 Shown(1x)
Angel, Angel, Down We Go (1969)
Jones, Jennifer; Christopher, Jordan; Near, Holly; (and 12 others) Crime; Drama 93 min Thom, Robert Thom, Robert Karger, Fred Warren, John F. Four Leaf Productions [us] USA 4.3 242 2019-06 Shown(1x)
Sharks' Treasure (1975)
Wilde, Cornel; Kotto, Yaphet; Neilson, John; (and 10 others) Action; Adventure 95 min Wilde, Cornel Wilde, Cornel Ragland, Robert O. Atcheler, Jack Symbol Productions Inc. USA 4.8 180 2019-06 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: The Mad Maestro (1939)

2019-06 Shown(1x)
Lost City of the Jungle: Fiery Danger (1946)

2019-06 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Let's Celebrake (1938)

2019-06 Shown(1x)
News from Home (1977)

Documentary 85 min Akerman, Chantal Akerman, Chantal
Asbell, Jim; Mangolte, Babette Institut National de l'Audiovisuel (INA) [fr]; Paradise Films [be]; Unité Trois [fr]; Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) [de] France; Belgium; West Germany 7.5 797 2019-06 Shown(1x)
Les rendez-vous d'Anna (1978)
Clément, Aurore; Griem, Helmut; Noël, Magali; (and 3 others) Drama 120 - 127 min Akerman, Chantal Akerman, Chantal
Penzer, Jean Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles [be]; Hélène Films [fr]; Paradise Films [be]; Unité Trois [fr]; Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) [de] France; Belgium; West Germany 7.6 785 2019-09
Fast-Walking (1982)
Woods, James; McIntire, Tim; Lenz, Kay; (and 23 others) Drama 115 min Harris, James B. Brawley, Ernest; Harris, James B. Schifrin, Lalo Baggot, King (II) James B. Harris Productions [us]; Lorimar Productions [us] USA 6.5 428 2019-06 Shown(1x)
Lost City of the Jungle: Death's Shining Face (1946)

2019-06 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Learn Polikeness (1938)

2019-06 Shown(1x)
Pitfall (1962)
[Otoshiana (1962)]
Igawa, Hisashi; Sasaki, Sumie; Yano, Sen; (and 12 others) Crime; Drama; Fantasy 97 min Teshigahara, Hiroshi Abe, Kôbô Ichiyanagi, Toshi; Takahashi, Yûji; Takemitsu, Tôru Segawa, Hiroshi (I) Teshigahara Productions [jp]; Toho Company [jp] Japan 7.8 2600 2019-06 Shown(1x)
The Moon-Spinners (1964)
Mills, Hayley; Wallach, Eli; McEnery, Peter; (and 13 others) Family; Mystery; Romance; Thriller 118 min Neilson, James Dyne, Michael; Stewart, Mary Grainer, Ron Beeson, Paul (I) Walt Disney Productions [us] USA; UK; Argentina 6.9 1574 2019-06 Shown(1x)
Bone Bandit (1948)

Animation; Comedy; Family; Short 7 min Nichols, Charles A. Scott, Art; Sturtevant, Sterling Wallace, Oliver
Walt Disney Pictures [us] USA 6.5 137 2019-06 Shown(1x)
The Littlest Horse Thieves (1977)
[Escape from the Dark (1976)]
Sim, Alastair; Barkworth, Peter; Colbourne, Maurice; (and 24 others) Drama; Family 104 min Jarrott, Charles Kennedy, Burt; Sisson, Rosemary Anne Goodwin, Ron Beeson, Paul (I) Walt Disney Productions [us] UK; USA 7.1 213 2019-06 Shown(1x)
The Robber Kitten (1935)

Animation; Comedy; Family; Short 8 min Hand, David Cottrell, William Churchill, Frank
Walt Disney Pictures [us] USA 6.7 378 2019-06 Shown(1x)
The North Avenue Irregulars (1979)
Herrmann, Edward; Harris, Barbara; Clark, Susan; (and 47 others) Action; Comedy; Crime; Family 95 - 100 min Bilson, Bruce Hill, Albert Fay; Tait, Don Brunner, Robert F. South, Leonard J. Walt Disney Productions [us] USA 6.7 791 2019-06 Shown(1x)
Emil and the Detectives (1964)
Slezak, Walter; Russell, Bryan; Mobley, Roger; (and 13 others) Comedy; Crime; Drama; Family 99 min Tewksbury, Peter Carothers, AJ; Kästner, Erich Schreiter, Heinz Senftleben, Günther Walt Disney Productions [us] USA 6.6 284 2019-06 Shown(1x)
Never a Dull Moment (1968)
Van Dyke, Dick; Robinson, Edward G.; Provine, Dorothy; (and 10 others) Comedy; Crime; Family 99 min Paris, Jerry Carothers, AJ; Godey, John Brunner, Robert F. Snyder, William E. Walt Disney Productions [us] USA 6.2 398 2019-06 Shown(1x)
The Female Animal (1958)
Lamarr, Hedy; Powell, Jane; Sterling, Jan; (and 11 others) Drama; Film-Noir; Romance 84 min Keller, Harry Hill, Robert; Zugsmith, Albert Salter, Hans J. Metty, Russell Universal International Pictures (UI) [us] USA 6.4 107 2019-06 Shown(1x)
Some of My Best Friends Are (1971)
Bade, Tom; Murdock, James; Blake, Paul; (and 26 others) Drama 110 min Nelson, Mervyn Nelson, Mervyn Rose, Gordon Mitchell, Tony (XII) Bluebird Productions [us]; Cutler Griffin Associates [us] USA 6.2 109 2019-06 Shown(1x)
Myra Breckinridge (1970)
West, Mae; Huston, John; Welch, Raquel; (and 19 others) Comedy 91 - 94 min Sarne, Michael Giler, David; Sarne, Michael; Vidal, Gore Phillips, John Moore, Richard (IV) Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation [us] USA 4.3 2383 2019-06 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: The Milky Way (1940)

2019-06 Shown(1x)
Lost City of the Jungle: Speedboat Missing (1946)

2019-06 Shown(1x)
Popeye: The House Builder-Upper (1938)

2019-06 Shown(1x)
Claudia (1943)
McGuire, Dorothy; Young, Robert; Claire, Ina; (and 5 others) Comedy; Drama 91 min Goulding, Edmund Franken, Rose; Ryskind, Morrie Newman, Alfred Shamroy, Leon Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation [us] USA 6.8 251 2019-06 Shown(1x)
Claudia and David (1946)
McGuire, Dorothy; Young, Robert; Astor, Mary; (and 9 others) Comedy; Drama 78 min Lang, Walter Caspary, Vera; Davis, Frank; Franken, Rose; Meloney, William Brown; Slesinger, Tess Buttolph, David; Mockridge, Cyril J. LaShelle, Joseph Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation [us] USA 6.7 100 2019-06 Shown(1x)
Deprisa, deprisa (1981)
Socuéllamos, Berta; Valdelomar González, Jose Antonio; Arias, Jesús; (and 10 others) Crime; Drama 99 min Saura, Carlos Saura, Carlos
Escamilla, Teo Elías Querejeta Producciones Cinematográficas S.L. [es]; Les Films Molière [fr] Spain; France 7.1 763 2019-06 Shown(1x)
Frau im Mond (1929)
Pohl, Klaus; Fritsch, Willy; von Wangenheim, Gustav; (and 17 others) Comedy; Drama; Romance; Sci-Fi 95 min Lang, Fritz Lang, Fritz; Oberth, Hermann; von Harbou, Thea Mirsalis, Jon; Oderman, Stuart; Schmidt-Gentner, Willy Courant, Curt; Fischinger, Oskar; Irmen-Tschet, Konstantin; Kanturek, Otto Fritz Lang-Film [de]; Universum Film (UFA) [de] Germany 7.4 2164 2019-07 Shown(1x)
Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (1940)
Crabbe, Buster; Hughes, Carol; Middleton, Charles; (and 19 others) Action; Adventure; Sci-Fi 195 - 220 min Beebe, Ford; Taylor, Ray Dickey, Basil; Plympton, George H.; Raymond, Alex; Shipman, Barry
Ash, Jerome; Sickner, William A. Universal Pictures [us] USA 7.1 925 2019-07 Shown(1x)
The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes (1935)
Wontner, Arthur; Harding, Lyn; Perrins, Leslie; (and 11 others) Mystery; Thriller 75 min Hiscott, Leslie S. Conan Doyle, Arthur; Mear, H. Fowler; Twyford, Cyril
Luff, William Real Art Productions [gb] UK 5.9 422 2019-07 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: The Little Mole (1941)

2019-07 Shown(1x)
Lost City of the Jungle: Fire Jet Torture (1946)

2019-07 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Big Chief Ugh-Amugh-Ugh (1933)

2019-07 Shown(1x)
Il bidone (1955)
Crawford, Broderick; Masina, Giulietta; Basehart, Richard; (and 16 others) Comedy; Drama 92 min Fellini, Federico Fellini, Federico; Flaiano, Ennio; Pinelli, Tullio Rota, Nino Martelli, Otello Société Générale de Cinématographie (S.G.C.) [fr]; Titanus [it] Italy; France 7.6 3640 2019-07 Shown(1x)
The Cremators (1972)
De Aragon, Maria; Howard, Marvin; Allison, Eric; (and 10 others) Sci-Fi 75 min Essex, Harry Essex, Harry; May, Julian C. Glasser, Albert Caramico, Robert Arista Productions Inc. USA 2.1 211 2019-07 Shown(1x)
Tab Hunter Confidential (2015)

Biography; Documentary 90 min Schwarz, Jeffrey
Cudahy, Michael Schreiber, Nancy Allan Glaser Productions [us]; Automat Pictures [us]; Tab Hunter Confidential [us] USA 7.8 2156 2019-07
MGM Cartoons: One Ham's Family (1943)

2019-07 Shown(1x)
Lost City of the Jungle: Zalabor Death Watch (1946)

2019-07 Shown(1x)
Popeye: I Yam Love Sick (1938)

2019-07 Shown(1x)
Veronika Voss (1982)
[Die Sehnsucht der Veronika Voss (1982)]
Zech, Rosel; Thate, Hilmar; Froboess, Cornelia; (and 15 others) Drama 104 min Fassbinder, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Rainer Werner; Fröhlich, Pea; Märthesheimer, Peter Raben, Peer Schwarzenberger, Xaver Laura Film [de]; Maran Film [de]; Rialto Film [de]; Süddeutscher Rundfunk (SDR) [de]; Tango Film [de]; Trio Film [de] West Germany 8.0 4787 2019-07 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: Poultry Pirates (1938)

2019-07 Shown(1x)
An Optical Poem (1938)

Animation; Music; Short 6 min Fischinger, Oskar

Loew's [us]; MGM Cartoon Studio; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) [us] USA 7.2 379 2019-07 Shown(1x)
Lost City of the Jungle: Booby Trap Rendezvous (1946)

2019-07 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Plumbing is a "Pipe" (1938)

2019-07 Shown(1x)
Pigs and Battleships (1961)
[Buta to gunkan (1961)]
Nagato, Hiroyuki; Yoshimura, Jitsuko; Mishima, Masao; (and 24 others) Comedy; Crime; Drama 108 min Imamura, Shôhei Yamanouchi, Hisashi; Yamauchi, Gisashi; Ôtsuka, Kazu Mayuzumi, Toshirô Himeda, Shinsaku Nikkatsu [jp] Japan 7.6 1402 2019-07 Shown(1x)
Branded to Kill (1967)
[Koroshi no rakuin (1967)]
Shishido, Jô; Ogawa, Mariko; Mari, Annu; (and 23 others) Action; Comedy; Crime; Drama; Romance; Thriller 91 min Suzuki, Seijun Guryu, Hachiro; Ishigami, Mitsutoshi; Kimura, Takeo; Sone, Chûsei; Yamatoya, Atsushi Yamamoto, Naozumi Nagatsuka, Kazue Nikkatsu [jp] Japan 7.4 5983 2019-07 Shown(1x)
The Green-Eyed Blonde (1957)
Oliver, Susan; Plowman, Melinda; Long, Beverly; (and 6 others) Drama 76 min Girard, Bernard Stubblefield, Sally; Trumbo, Dalton Stevens, Leith Fitzgerald, Eddie (I) Arwin Productions [us] USA 6.8 33 2019-07 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: Tom Turkey and His Harmonica Humdingers (1940)

2019-07 Shown(1x)
Lost City of the Jungle: Pendrang Guillotine (1946)

2019-07 Shown(1x)
Popeye: The Jeep (1938)

2019-07 Shown(1x)
Le samouraï (1967)
Delon, Alain; Périer, François; Delon, Nathalie; (and 24 others) Crime; Drama; Mystery; Thriller 101 min Melville, Jean-Pierre McLeod, Joan; Melville, Jean-Pierre; Pellegrin, Georges de Roubaix, François Decaë, Henri Compagnie Industrielle et Commerciale Cinématographique (CICC) [fr]; Fida Cinematografica [it]; Filmel [fr]; TC Productions France; Italy 8.1 34496 2019-07 Shown(1x)
Swann in Love (1984)
[Un amour de Swann (1984)]
Irons, Jeremy; Muti, Ornella; Delon, Alain; (and 43 others) Drama; Romance 110 min Schlöndorff, Volker Brook, Peter; Carrière, Jean-Claude; Estienne, Marie-Hélène; Proust, Marcel; Schlöndorff, Volker Graham, David; Henze, Hans Werner; Kuhr, Gerd; Wengler, Marcel Nykvist, Sven Bioskop Film [de]; France 3 Cinéma [fr]; Gaumont [fr]; Les Films du Losange [fr]; Ministère de la Culture [fr]; Nicole Stéphane Production [fr]; S.F.P.C. [fr]; Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) [de] France; West Germany 6.6 1367 2019-07 Shown(1x)
Rage (1966)
Ford, Glenn; Stevens, Stella; Reynoso, David; (and 20 others) Drama; Thriller 103 min Gazcón, Gilberto Gazcón, Gilberto; Hernández, Guillermano; Méndez, Fernando; Sherman, Teddi; Velásquez, Jesús Carrión, Gustavo César Solano, Rosalío Cinematográfica Jalisco S.A. [mx]; Joseph M. Schenck Enterprises [us] Mexico; USA 6.3 203 2019-07 Shown(1x)
Star Wars (1977)
Hamill, Mark; Ford, Harrison; Fisher, Carrie; (and 22 others) Action; Adventure; Fantasy; Sci-Fi 121 - 125 min Lucas, George Lucas, George Williams, John Taylor, Gilbert (I) Lucasfilm [us]; Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation [us] USA 8.7 996262 2019-07
Susannah of the Mounties (1939)
Temple, Shirley; Scott, Randolph; Lockwood, Margaret; (and 11 others) Drama; Family; Romance; Western 79 min Lang, Walter; Seiter, William A. Dennison, Muriel; Earl, Kenneth; Ellis, Robert; Ferris, Walter; James, Rian; LaBarba, Fidel; Logan, Helen; Meredyth, Bess; Noville, George O.; Rhine, Larry Bassett, R.H.; Buttolph, David; Maxwell, Charles Miller, Arthur C. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation [us] USA 6.7 576 2019-08 Shown(1x)
There's That Woman Again (1938)
Douglas, Melvyn; Bruce, Virginia; Lindsay, Margaret; (and 7 others) Comedy; Mystery 72 min Hall, Alexander Collison, Wilson; Englund, Ken; Epstein, Philip G.; Grant, James Edward; Lehman, Gladys Harline, Leigh Walker, Joseph (I) Columbia Pictures Corporation [us] USA 6.2 56 2019-08 Shown(1x)
Mary Burns, Fugitive (1935)
Sidney, Sylvia; Douglas, Melvyn; Baxter, Alan; (and 34 others) Drama 84 min Howard, William K. Baker, C. Graham; Stevens, Louis; Towne, Gene Roemheld, Heinz Shamroy, Leon Paramount Pictures [us] USA 7.0 43 2019-08 Shown(1x)
I Met Him in Paris (1937)
Colbert, Claudette; Douglas, Melvyn; Young, Robert; (and 19 others) Comedy; Romance 86 min Ruggles, Wesley Binyon, Claude; Meinardi, Helen Bradshaw, Charles; Leipold, John Tover, Leo Paramount Pictures [us] USA 6.3 244 2019-08 Shown(1x)
Ava Gardner, the Gypsy of Hollywood (2017)

2019-08 Shown(1x)
Seven Cities of Gold (1955)
Egan, Richard; Quinn, Anthony; Rennie, Michael; (and 7 others) Adventure; Biography; History 103 min Webb, Robert D. Breen, Richard L.; Fenton, Frank; Higgins, John C.; Petracca, Joseph; Ziegler, Isabelle Gibson Friedhofer, Hugo Ballard, Lucien Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation [us] USA; Mexico 6.3 254 2019-08 Shown(1x)
Two Yanks in Trinidad (1942)
O'Brien, Pat; Donlevy, Brian; Blair, Janet; (and 9 others) Adventure; Comedy 84 min Ratoff, Gregory Bartlett, Sy; Carroll, Richard; Henley, Jack; Segall, Harry Leipold, John Tannura, Philip Columbia Pictures Corporation [us] USA 6.2 12 2019-08 Shown(1x)
Liv & Ingmar (2012)
Ullmann, Liv; Bergman, Ingmar; Fröler, Samuel; (and 7 others) Documentary 89 min Akolkar, Dheeraj Akolkar, Dheeraj; Lund, Ragnhild Nilsson, Stefan Bræin, Hallvard NordicStories [no]; Svensk Filmindustri (SF) [se]; Sveriges Television (SVT) [se]; Vardo Films [gb] Norway; Sweden; UK 7.4 1223 2019-08 Shown(1x)
When Tomorrow Comes (1939)
Dunne, Irene; Boyer, Charles; O'Neil, Barbara; (and 4 others) Drama; Romance 90 min Stahl, John M. Biberman, Herbert J.; Cain, James M.; Kandel, Aben; Kaufman, Charles; Larkin, John Francis; Taylor, Dwight Skinner, Frank Mescall, John J. Universal Pictures [us] USA 6.9 237 2019-08 Shown(1x)
High, Wide and Handsome (1937)
Dunne, Irene; Scott, Randolph; Lamour, Dorothy; (and 14 others) Musical; Western 110 min Mamoulian, Rouben Hammerstein II, Oscar; O'Neil, George Bennett, Robert Russell Milner, Victor; Sparkuhl, Theodor Paramount Pictures [us] USA 6.8 172 2019-08 Shown(1x)
The Great Buster (2018)

Mother Didn't Tell Me (1950)
McGuire, Dorothy; Lundigan, William; Havoc, June; (and 4 others) Comedy 88 min Binyon, Claude Bard, Mary; Binyon, Claude Mockridge, Cyril J. LaShelle, Joseph Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation [us] USA 6.1 57 2019-08 Shown(1x)
Woman Times Seven (1967)
MacLaine, Shirley; Sellers, Peter; March, Elspeth; (and 19 others) Comedy; Drama 108 min De Sica, Vittorio Zavattini, Cesare Ortolani, Riz Matras, Christian Embassy Pictures [us]; Joseph E. Levine Productions Italy; France; USA 6.2 944 2019-08 Shown(1x)
Hero (1992/I)
Hoffman, Dustin; Davis, Geena; Garcia, Andy; (and 80 others) Comedy; Drama; Romance 119 min Frears, Stephen Peoples, David Webb; Sargent, Alvin; Ziskin, Laura Fenton, George Stapleton, Oliver (I) Columbia Pictures Corporation [us] USA 6.5 18548 2019-08 Shown(1x)
Return to Peyton Place (1961)
Lynley, Carol; Chandler, Jeff; Parker, Eleanor; (and 6 others) Drama 123 min Ferrer, José Alexander, Ronald; Metalious, Grace Waxman, Franz Clarke, Charles G. (I) Jerry Wald Productions [us] USA 5.9 609 2019-08 Shown(1x)
House of Strangers (1949)
Robinson, Edward G.; Hayward, Susan; Conte, Richard; (and 8 others) Crime; Drama; Film-Noir; Thriller 101 min Mankiewicz, Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Joseph L.; Weidman, Jerome; Yordan, Philip Amfitheatrof, Daniele Krasner, Milton R. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation [us] USA 7.4 2068 2019-08 Shown(1x)
We All Loved Each Other So Much (1977)
[C'eravamo tanto amati (1974)]
Manfredi, Nino; Gassman, Vittorio; Sandrelli, Stefania; (and 18 others) Comedy; Drama 124 min Scola, Ettore Incrocci, Agenore; Scarpelli, Furio; Scola, Ettore Trovajoli, Armando Cirillo, Claudio La Deantir Italy 8.2 3803 2019-09 Shown(1x)
Scent of a Woman (1974)
[Profumo di donna (1974)]
Gassman, Vittorio; Momo, Alessandro; Belli, Agostina; (and 9 others) Comedy; Drama 103 min Risi, Dino Arpino, Giovanni; Maccari, Ruggero; Risi, Dino Trovajoli, Armando Cirillo, Claudio Dean Film [it] Italy 7.7 2980 2019-09 Shown(1x)
Fun and Fancy Free (1947)
[Fun & Fancy Free (1947)]
Bergen, Edgar; Shore, Dinah; McCarthy, Charlie; (and 10 others) Adventure; Animation; Comedy; Family; Fantasy; Musical; Romance 73 min
Brightman, Homer; Dedini, Eldon; Lewis, Sinclair; Nolley, Lance; Oreb, Tom; Reeves, Harry; Sears, Ted Daniel, Eliot; Smith, Paul J.; Wallace, Oliver
Walt Disney Productions [us] USA 6.7 4967 2019-09 Shown(1x)
Donald's Tire Trouble (1943)

Animation; Comedy; Family; Short 7 min Lundy, Dick Barks, Carl; Reeves, Harry Wallace, Oliver
Walt Disney Productions [us] USA 7.0 343 2019-09 Shown(1x)
The Happiest Millionaire (1967)
MacMurray, Fred; Garson, Greer; Cooper, Gladys; (and 14 others) Comedy; Family; Musical; Romance 159 min Tokar, Norman Biddle, Cordelia Drexel; Carothers, AJ; Crichton, Kyle
Colman, Edward Walt Disney Productions [us] USA 6.9 1361 2019-09 Shown(1x)
The Art of Skiing (1941)

Animation; Comedy; Family; Short; Sport 8 min Kinney, Jack Thiele, Leo; Wright, Ralph Wolcott, Charles
Walt Disney Productions [us] USA 7.4 662 2019-09 Shown(1x)
Snowball Express (1972)
Jones, Dean; Olson, Nancy; Morgan, Harry; (and 11 others) Comedy; Family 93 min Tokar, Norman Margolin, Arnold; O'Rear, Frankie; O'Rear, John; Parker, Jim; Tait, Don Brunner, Robert F. Phillips, Frank V. Walt Disney Productions [us] USA 6.4 1063 2019-09 Shown(1x)
The Hockey Champ (1939)

Animation; Comedy; Family; Short; Sport 7 min King, Jack Barks, Carl; Hannah, Jack

Walt Disney Productions [us] USA 7.3 516 2019-09 Shown(1x)
The Misadventures of Merlin Jones (1964)
Kirk, Tommy; Funicello, Annette; Ames, Leon; (and 5 others) Comedy; Family; Sci-Fi 91 min Stevenson, Robert Levitt, Alfred Lewis; Levitt, Helen; Walsh, Bill Baker, Buddy Colman, Edward Walt Disney Productions [us] USA 6.4 489 2019-09 Shown(1x)
Willy McBean and His Magic Machine (1965)
Mann, Larry D.; Richards, Billie Mae; Scopp, Alfie; (and 4 others) Adventure; Animation; Family; Musical; Sci-Fi 94 min Rankin Jr., Arthur Peters, Antony; Rankin Jr., Arthur

Videocraft International [us] Japan; USA 7.3 50 2019-09 Shown(1x)
Genocide (1969)
[Konchû daisensô (1968)]
Sonoi, Keisuke; Kawazu, Yûsuke; Shindô, Emi; (and 13 others) Horror; Sci-Fi 84 min Nihonmatsu, Kazui Amada, Kingen; Takaku, Susumu Kikuchi, Shunsuke Hirase, Shizuo Shôchiku Eiga [jp] Japan 4.9 321 2019-09 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: Old Mill Pond (1936)

2019-09 Shown(1x)
Lost City of the Jungle: Jungle Smash-up (1946)

2019-09 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Bull Dozing the Bull (1933)

2019-09 Shown(1x)
Ringo and His Golden Pistol (1966)
[Johnny Oro (1966)]
Damon, Mark; Fabrizi, Valeria; De Rosa, Franco; (and 18 others) Western 87 min Corbucci, Sergio Bolzoni, Adriano; Rossetti, Franco Savina, Carlo Pallottini, Riccardo Sanson-Film Italy 5.6 303 2019-09 Shown(1x)
Blue Denim (1959)
Lynley, Carol; De Wilde, Brandon; Carey, Macdonald; (and 7 others) Drama; Romance 89 min Dunne, Philip Dunne, Philip; Herlihy, James Leo; Noble, William; Sommer, Edith Herrmann, Bernard Tover, Leo Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation [us] USA 6.8 391 2019-09 Shown(1x)
Mysterious Object at Noon (2000)
[Dokfa nai meuman (2000)]

Drama; Mystery 83 min Weerasethakul, Apichatpong

Klimborron, Prasong; Mukdeeprom, Sayombhu 9/6 Cinema Factory [th]; Firecracker Film [th]; Fuji Photo Film, Thailand [th]; Hubert Bals Fund [nl] Thailand; Netherlands 7.0 815 2019-09 Shown(1x)
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)
Lazenby, George; Rigg, Diana; Savalas, Telly; (and 26 others) Action; Adventure; Thriller 142 min Hunt, Peter R. Fleming, Ian; Maibaum, Richard; Raven, Simon Barry, John Reed, Michael (I) Eon Productions [gb] UK 6.8 64573 2019-09 Shown(1x)
Live and Let Die (1973)
Moore, Roger; Kotto, Yaphet; Seymour, Jane; (and 18 others) Action; Adventure; Thriller 121 min Hamilton, Guy Fleming, Ian; Mankiewicz, Tom Martin, George Moore, Ted (I) Eon Productions [gb] UK; USA 6.8 80165 2019-09 Shown(1x)
The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)
Moore, Roger; Lee, Christopher; Ekland, Britt; (and 16 others) Action; Adventure; Thriller 125 min Hamilton, Guy Fleming, Ian; Maibaum, Richard; Mankiewicz, Tom Barry, John Moore, Ted (I); Morris, Oswald Eon Productions [gb] UK 6.8 79058 2019-09 Shown(1x)
That's My Boy (1932)
Cromwell, Richard; Jordan, Dorothy; Marsh, Mae; (and 11 others) Comedy; Romance; Sport 71 min Neill, Roy William Krasna, Norman; Wallace, Francis Kisco, Charles August, Joseph H. Columbia Pictures Corporation [us] USA 4.9 48 2019-09 Shown(1x)
Lost City of the Jungle: Atomic Vengeance (1946)

2019-09 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Mutiny Ain't Nice (1933)

2019-09 Shown(1x)
Emitaï (1971)
Fontaine, Robert; Diabon, Andongo; Renaudeau, Michel; (and 11 others) Drama 103 min Sembene, Ousmane Sembene, Ousmane
Caristan, Georges; Renaudeau, Michel Filmi Domirev [sn] Senegal 7.2 162 2019-09 Shown(1x)
Ceddo (1977)
Ndiaye, Tabata; Yade, Moustapha; Diagne, Ismaila; (and 6 others) Drama 120 min Sembene, Ousmane Sembene, Ousmane Dibango, Manu Caristan, Georges Films Domireew; Sembene Senegal 7.0 493 2019-09 Shown(1x)
CinemAbility: The Art of Inclusion (2018)

Man from God's Country (1958)
Montgomery, George; Stuart, Randy; Barton, Gregg; (and 7 others) Western 72 min Landres, Paul Waggner, George Skiles, Marlin Neumann, Harry (I) Scott R. Dunlap Productions [us] USA 5.6 96 2019-09 Shown(1x)
Taming of the West (1939)
Elliott, Bill; Meredith, Iris; Curtis, Dick; (and 7 others) Western 55 min Deming, Norman Johnson, Robert Lee; Royal, Charles F.
Meehan, George (I) Columbia Pictures Corporation [us] USA 6.3 39 2019-09 Shown(1x)
The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
Moore, Roger; Bach, Barbara; Jürgens, Curd; (and 71 others) Action; Adventure; Thriller 123 - 125 min Gilbert, Lewis Fleming, Ian; Maibaum, Richard; Wood, Christopher Hamlisch, Marvin Renoir, Claude Eon Productions [gb] UK 7.1 81739 2019-09 Shown(1x)
Moonraker (1979)
Moore, Roger; Chiles, Lois; Lonsdale, Michael; (and 35 others) Action; Adventure; Sci-Fi; Thriller 126 min Gilbert, Lewis Anderson, Gerry; Barwick, Tony; Fleming, Ian; Wood, Christopher Barry, John Tournier, Jean Eon Productions [gb]; Les Productions Artistes Associés [fr] UK; France 6.3 74584 2019-09 Shown(1x)
For Your Eyes Only (1981)
Moore, Roger; Bouquet, Carole; Topol; (and 30 others) Action; Adventure; Thriller 127 min Glen, John Fleming, Ian; Maibaum, Richard; Wilson, Michael G. Conti, Bill Hume, Alan (I) Eon Productions [gb] UK 6.8 76740 2019-09 Shown(1x)
Octopussy (1983)
Moore, Roger; Adams, Maud; Jourdan, Louis; (and 80 others) Action; Adventure; Thriller 131 min Glen, John Fleming, Ian; MacDonald Fraser, George; Maibaum, Richard; Wilson, Michael G. Barry, John Hume, Alan (I) Danjaq [gb]; Eon Productions [gb]; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) [us]; United Artists [us] UK; USA 6.6 79266 2019-09 Shown(1x)
A View to a Kill (1985)
Moore, Roger; Walken, Christopher; Roberts, Tanya; (and 39 others) Action; Adventure; Thriller 131 min Glen, John Fleming, Ian; Maibaum, Richard; Wilson, Michael G. Barry, John Hume, Alan (I) Eon Productions [gb] UK 6.3 73225 2019-09 Shown(1x)
Return to Campus (1975)

100 min Cornsweet, Harold Cornsweet, Harold Fields, Harry Janet, Pierre; Shuttack, Steve Harold Cornsweet Films [us] USA

2019-09 Shown(1x)
Jungle Queen: Invitation to Danger (1945)

2019-09 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Goonland (1938)

2019-09 Shown(1x)
Les rendez-vous d'Anna (1978)
Clément, Aurore; Griem, Helmut; Noël, Magali; (and 3 others) Drama 120 - 127 min Akerman, Chantal Akerman, Chantal
Penzer, Jean Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles [be]; Hélène Films [fr]; Paradise Films [be]; Unité Trois [fr]; Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) [de] France; Belgium; West Germany 7.6 785 2019-09
Manila in the Claws of Light (1975)
[Maynila sa mga kuko ng liwanag (1975)]
Koronel, Hilda; Roco, Bembol; Salvador Jr., Lou; (and 45 others) Drama; Mystery 123 - 125 min Brocka, Lino Del Mundo Jr., Clodualdo; Reyes, Edgardo Jocson, Max De Leon, Mike (I); Del Mundo Jr., Clodualdo Cinema Artists [ph] Philippines 7.9 639 2019-09 Shown(1x)
The Living Daylights (1987)
Dalton, Timothy; d'Abo, Maryam; Krabbé, Jeroen; (and 45 others) Action; Adventure; Thriller 130 min Glen, John Fleming, Ian; Maibaum, Richard; Wilson, Michael G. Barry, John Mills, Alec Eon Productions [gb] UK 6.7 73895 2019-09 Shown(1x)
License to Kill (1984) (TV)
Farentino, James; Fuller, Penny; Murray, Don; (and 23 others) Drama; Thriller 96 min Taylor, Jud Schwartz, William A. Rosenthal, Laurence Jessup, Robert C. D. Petrie Productions [us]; Marian Rees Associates [us] USA 5.5 722 2019-09 Shown(1x)
GoldenEye (1995)
Brosnan, Pierce; Bean, Sean; Scorupco, Izabella; (and 22 others) Action; Adventure; Thriller 130 min Campbell, Martin Caine, Jeffrey; Feirstein, Bruce; Fleming, Ian; France, Michael Serra, Éric Meheux, Phil Eon Productions [gb]; United Artists [us] UK; USA 7.2 208826 2019-09 Shown(1x)
Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
Brosnan, Pierce; Pryce, Jonathan; Yeoh, Michelle; (and 41 others) Action; Adventure; Thriller 119 min Spottiswoode, Roger Feirstein, Bruce; Fleming, Ian Arnold, David Elswit, Robert Eon Productions [gb]; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) [us]; United Artists [us] UK; USA 6.5 157172 2019-09 Shown(1x)
The World Is Not Enough (1999)
Brosnan, Pierce; Marceau, Sophie; Carlyle, Robert; (and 31 others) Action; Adventure; Thriller 128 - 160 min Apted, Michael Feirstein, Bruce; Fleming, Ian; Purvis, Neal; Wade, Robert Arnold, David Biddle, Adrian Danjaq [gb]; Eon Productions [gb]; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) [us]; United Artists [us] UK; USA 6.4 164846 2019-09 Shown(1x)
Jungle Queen: Jungle Sacrifice (1945)

2019-09 Shown(1x)
Popeye: A Date to Skate (1938)

2019-09 Shown(1x)