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Movie Top Actors Genres Duration Director Writer Composer Cinemato grapher ProdCo Countries Rating Votes Last 2 Sched All Scheduled
Godzilla Raids Again (1955)
[Gojira no gyakushû (1955)]
Koizumi, Hiroshi; Wakayama, Setsuko; Chiaki, Minoru; (and 21 others) Action; Adventure; Family; Horror; Sci-Fi 78 min Oda, Motoyoshi Hidaka, Shigeaki; Kayama, Shigeru; Melchior, Ib; Murata, Takeo; Watson, Ed Satô, Masaru Endô, Seiichi (II) Toho Company [jp] Japan 6.0 3558 2019-10-4 Shown(1x)
Mothra vs. Godzilla (1964)
[Mosura tai Gojira (1964)]
Takarada, Akira; Hoshi, Yuriko; Koizumi, Hiroshi; (and 45 others) Action; Adventure; Fantasy; Sci-Fi 89 min Honda, Ishirô Sekizawa, Shin'ichi Ifukube, Akira Koizumi, Hajime Toho Company [jp] Japan 6.5 5288 2019-10-4 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: Two Little Pups (1936)

2019-10-5 Shown(1x)
Jungle Queen: The Flaming Mountain (1945)

2019-10-5 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Cops Is Always Right (1938)

2019-10-5 Shown(1x)
Summertree (1971)
Douglas, Michael; Warden, Jack; Vaccaro, Brenda; (and 10 others) Drama 88 min Newley, Anthony Cowen, Ron; Hume, Edward; Yafa, Stephen Shire, David Glouner, Richard C. Bryna Productions [us]; Columbia Pictures [us]; The Bryna Company [us] USA 6.0 155 2019-10-5 Shown(1x)
Trapped (1949)
Bridges, Lloyd; Payton, Barbara; Hoyt, John; (and 3 others) Crime; Drama; Film-Noir; Thriller 78 min Fleischer, Richard Felton, Earl; Zuckerman, George Kaplan, Sol Roe, Guy Bryan Foy Productions [us]; Contemporary Productions [us] USA 6.4 508 2019-10-5
Irma Vep (1996)
Cheung, Maggie; Léaud, Jean-Pierre; Richard, Nathalie; (and 36 others) Comedy; Drama 99 min Assayas, Olivier Assayas, Olivier Richard, Philippe Gautier, Eric Canal+ [fr]; Dacia Films [fr] France 7.0 3893 2019-10-6 Shown(1x)
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Denzel Washington (2019)

Destroy All Monsters (1968)
[Kaijû sôshingeki (1968)]
Kubo, Akira; Tazaki, Jun; Kobayashi, Yukiko; (and 43 others) Action; Horror; Sci-Fi; Thriller 88 min Honda, Ishirô Honda, Ishirô; Kimura, Takeshi Ifukube, Akira Kankura, Taiichi Toho Company [jp] Japan 6.6 3439 2019-10-11 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: The Tree Surgeon (1944)

2019-10-12 Shown(1x)
Jungle Queen: Wildcat Stampede (1945)

2019-10-12 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Customers Wanted (1939)

2019-10-12 Shown(1x)
Kuroneko (1968)
[Yabu no naka no kuroneko (1968)]
Nakamura, Kichiemon; Otowa, Nobuko; Satô, Kei; (and 16 others) Drama; Horror 99 min Shindô, Kaneto Shindô, Kaneto Hayashi, Hikaru Igawa, Norimichi (II); Kuroda, Kiyomi Toho Company [jp] Japan 7.8 4241 2019-10-17 Shown(1x)
All Monsters Attack (1969)
[Gojira-Minira-Gabara: Oru kaijû daishingeki (1969)]
Yazaki, Tomonori; Amamoto, Hideyo; Sakai, Sachio; (and 13 others) Action; Adventure; Family; Sci-Fi 70 min Honda, Ishirô Sekizawa, Shin'ichi Miyauchi, Kunio Tomioka, Sokei Toho Company [jp]; United Productions of America (UPA) [us] Japan 3.9 2687 2019-10-18 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: Wayward Pups (1937)

2019-10-19 Shown(1x)
Jungle Queen: The Burning Jungle (1945)

2019-10-19 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Leave Well Enough Alone (1939)

2019-10-19 Shown(1x)
The Return of the Pink Panther (1975)
Sellers, Peter; Plummer, Christopher; Schell, Catherine; (and 24 others) Comedy; Crime; Mystery 113 min Edwards, Blake Edwards, Blake; Waldman, Frank Mancini, Henry Unsworth, Geoffrey ITC Films; Jewel Productions [gb]; Pimlico Films UK; USA 7.1 20804 2019-12-19
Here Come the Nelsons (1952)
Nelson, Ozzie; Nelson, Harriet; Nelson, David; (and 10 others) Comedy 75 min De Cordova, Frederick Davenport, Bill; Nelson, Don; Nelson, Ozzie Stein, Herman Glassberg, Irving Universal International Pictures (UI) [us] USA 6.7 102 2019-10-20 Shown(1x)
Unknown Pleasures (2002) (TV)
[Plaisirs inconnus (2002) (TV)]

Romance 90 min de Carrabas, Marcis

Shoot Again [fr] France

2019-10-20 Shown(1x)
"The World" (2004)
["BBC Four News" (2002)]

News 30 min

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) [gb] UK 5.6 22 2019-10-20 Shown(1x)
Private Buckaroo (1942)
Andrews Sisters, The; Foran, Dick; Lewis, Joe E.; (and 12 others) Comedy; Music; Romance; War 68 min Cline, Edward F. James, Edward; Kelso, Edmond; Smith, Paul Girard
Bredell, Elwood Universal Pictures [us] USA 5.9 292 2019-10-23 Shown(1x)
Godzilla vs. Megalon (1976)
[Gojira tai Megaro (1973)]
Sasaki, Katsuhiko; Kawase, Hiroyuki; Hayashi, Yutaka; (and 11 others) Action; Adventure; Family; Sci-Fi 78 min Fukuda, Jun Fukuda, Jun; Kimura, Takeshi; Sekizawa, Shin'ichi Manabe, Riichirô Aizawa, Yuzuru (I) Toho Company [jp] Japan 4.5 3642 2019-10-25 Shown(1x)
Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974)
[Gojira tai Mekagojira (1974)]
Daimon, Masaaki; Aoyama, Kazuya; Tajima, Reiko; (and 17 others) Action; Family; Fantasy; Horror; Sci-Fi 84 min Fukuda, Jun Fukuda, Jun; Fukushima, Masami; Sekizawa, Shin'ichi; Yamamura, Hiroyasu Satô, Masaru Aizawa, Yuzuru (I) Toho Company [jp]; Toho Eizo Co. [jp] Japan 6.4 3930 2019-10-25 Shown(1x)
Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975)
[Mekagojira no gyakushu (1975)]
Sasaki, Katsuhiko; Ai, Tomoko; Hirata, Akihiko; (and 32 others) Action; Adventure; Drama; Family; Sci-Fi 89 min Honda, Ishirô Takayama, Yukiko Ifukube, Akira Tomioka, Sokei Henry G. Saperstein Enterprises Inc. [us]; Toho Company [jp] Japan 6.2 2994 2019-10-25 Shown(1x)
The War of the Gargantuas (1970)
[Furankenshutain no kaijû: Sanda tai Gaira (1966)]
Tamblyn, Russ; Mizuno, Kumi; Sahara, Kenji; (and 18 others) Action; Horror; Sci-Fi 92 min Honda, Ishirô Bercovitch, Reuben; Honda, Ishirô; Kimura, Takeshi Ifukube, Akira Koizumi, Hajime Benedict Pictures Corp.; Toho Company [jp]; United Productions of America (UPA) [us] Japan 6.5 1610 2019-10-25 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: The Pups' Picnic (1936)

2019-10-26 Shown(1x)
Jungle Queen: Danger Ship (1945)

2019-10-26 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Wotta Nitemare (1939)

2019-10-26 Shown(1x)
The Living Skeleton (1969)
[Kyûketsu dokuro-sen (1968)]
Matsuoka, Kikko; Irikawa, Yasunori; Okada, Masumi; (and 9 others) Horror 80 min Matsuno, Hiroki Kobayashi, Kyûzô; Shimoiizaka, Kikuma Nishiyama, Noboru Katô, Masayuki (II) Shôchiku Eiga [jp] Japan 6.3 381 2019-10-27 Shown(1x)
Viva Knievel! (1977)
Knievel, Evel; Kelly, Gene; Hutton, Lauren; (and 12 others) Action; Adventure; Biography; Crime 106 min Douglas, Gordon Katkov, Norman; Santean, Antonio Bernstein, Charles Jackman Jr., Fred Sherrill C. Corwin Productions [us]; Warner Bros. [us] USA 2.8 781 2019-11-1 Shown(1x)
Caged Heat (1974)
Brown, Juanita; Collins, Roberta; Gavin, Erica; (and 28 others) Action; Comedy; Drama 83 min Demme, Jonathan Demme, Jonathan Cale, John Fujimoto, Tak Artists Entertainment Complex; New World Video [us]; Renegade Women Co USA 5.4 1606 2019-11-1 Shown(1x)
Living Stereo (1958)

2019-11-1 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: Happy-Go-Nutty (1944)

2019-11-2 Shown(1x)
Jungle Queen: Trip-wire Murder (1945)

2019-11-2 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Ghosk Is the Bunk (1933)

2019-11-2 Shown(1x)
Capricious Summer (1968)
[Rozmarné léto (1968)]
Hrusínský, Rudolf; Brodský, Vlastimil; Rehák, Frantisek; (and 10 others) Comedy 74 min Menzel, Jirí Kalina, Vladimír; Libora, Jan; Menzel, Jirí; Nývlt, Václav; Vancura, Vladislav Sust, Jirí Sofr, Jaromír (I) Filmové studio Barrandov [cshh] Czechoslovakia 7.2 989 2019-11-3 Shown(1x)
Image Makers: The Adventures of America's Pioneer Cinematographers (2019)

The Big Picture (1989)
Bacon, Kevin; Longstreth, Emily; Walsh, J.T.; (and 58 others) Comedy; Drama; Romance 100 min Guest, Christopher Guest, Christopher; McKean, Michael; Varhol, Michael Nichtern, David Jur, Jeff Aspen Film Society USA 6.3 4042 2019-11-8 Shown(1x)
Black Gunn (1972)
Brown, Jim; Landau, Martin; Sykes, Brenda; (and 30 others) Action; Crime; Thriller 96 min Hartford-Davis, Robert Coen, Franklin; Hartford-Davis, Robert; Shearer, Robert Osborne, Tony Kline, Richard H. Champion Production Company; World Arts Media [gb]; World Film Services [gb] UK; USA 5.8 340 2019-11-8 Shown(1x)
The Take (1974)
Williams, Billy Dee; Albert, Eddie; Avalon, Frankie; (and 6 others) Action; Crime; Drama 91 min Hartford-Davis, Robert Coen, Franklin; Newman, G.F.; Reisman, Del Karlin, Fred Callaghan, Duke World Film Services [gb] UK 5.8 90 2019-11-8 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: Honeyland (1935)

2019-11-9 Shown(1x)
Jungle Queen: The Mortar Bomb (1945)

2019-11-9 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Hello, How Am I? (1939)

2019-11-9 Shown(1x)
The Perfect Tribute (1935)
Sale, Charles 'Chic' Drama; History; Short 20 min Sloman, Edward Andrews, Mary Raymond Shipman; Cummings, Ruth; Lincoln, Abraham Axt, William Rose, Jackson (I) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) [us] USA 6.8 31 2019-11-9 Shown(1x)
Teorema (1968)
Mangano, Silvana; Stamp, Terence; Girotti, Massimo; (and 9 others) Drama; Mystery 97 - 105 min Pasolini, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Pier Paolo Morricone, Ennio Ruzzolini, Giuseppe Aetos Produzioni Cinematografiche [it]; Euro International Film (EIA) [it] Italy 7.3 9090 2019-11-10 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: Jitterbug Follies (1939)

2019-11-16 Shown(1x)
Jungle Queen: Death Watch (1945)

2019-11-16 Shown(1x)
Popeye: It's the Natural Thing to Do (1939)

2019-11-16 Shown(1x)
The Pathfinder (1952)
Montgomery, George; Carter, Helena; Silverheels, Jay; (and 12 others) Western 78 min Salkow, Sidney Cooper, James Fenimore; Kent, Robert E.
Freulich, Henry Columbia Pictures Corporation [us]; Esskay Pictures Corporation [us] USA 5.9 71 2019-11-16 Shown(1x)
A Girl's Own Story (1986)
Shornegg, Gabrielle; Haywood, Geraldine; Knight, Marina; (and 35 others) Short 27 min Campion, Jane Campion, Jane
Bongers, Sally
Australia 6.6 518 2019-11-17 Shown(1x)
An Exercise in Discipline: Peel (1986)
Pye, Tim; Pye, Katie; Martin, Ben Short 9 min Campion, Jane Campion, Jane
Bongers, Sally Australian Film & Television School [au] Australia 6.4 660 2019-11-17 Shown(1x)
Passionless Moments (1983)
Benton, David; Burriman, Ann; Brown, Alan; (and 15 others) Drama; Short 13 min Campion, Jane; Lee, Gerard Campion, Jane; Lee, Gerard
Campion, Jane Australian Film & Television School [au] Australia 7.3 688 2019-11-17 Shown(1x)
John Ford, The Man Who Invented America (2018)

2019-11-21 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: Little Cheeser (1936)

2019-11-23 Shown(1x)
Jungle Queen: Execution Chamber (1945)

2019-11-23 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Never Sock a Baby (1939)

2019-11-23 Shown(1x)
The Return of the Pink Panther (1975)
Sellers, Peter; Plummer, Christopher; Schell, Catherine; (and 24 others) Comedy; Crime; Mystery 113 min Edwards, Blake Edwards, Blake; Waldman, Frank Mancini, Henry Unsworth, Geoffrey ITC Films; Jewel Productions [gb]; Pimlico Films UK; USA 7.1 20804 2019-12-29
The Pyramid (1975)

90 min Kent, Gary Kent, Gary

USA 8.8 9 2019-11-29 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: Little Buck Cheeser (1937)

2019-11-30 Shown(1x)
Jungle Queen: The Trail of Doom (1945)

2019-11-30 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Shakespearean Spinach (1933)

2019-11-30 Shown(1x)
Alibi Racket (1935)

Crime; Drama; Short 18 min Seitz, George B. Brooks, Marty; Goldstone, Richard

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) [us] USA 5.7 35 2019-11-30 Shown(1x)
Career Girls (1997)
Cartlidge, Katrin; Steadman, Lynda; Byers, Kate; (and 5 others) Drama 83 min Leigh, Mike Leigh, Mike Jean-Baptiste, Marianne; Remy, Tony Pope, Dick (I) Channel 4 [gb]; Channel Four Films [gb]; Matrix Films; Thin Man Films [gb] UK; France 7.2 4333 2019-12-1 Shown(1x)
Life Is Sweet (1990)
Steadman, Alison; Broadbent, Jim; Skinner, Claire; (and 9 others) Comedy; Drama 103 min Leigh, Mike Leigh, Mike Portman, Rachel Pope, Dick (I) British Screen Productions; Channel Four Films [gb]; Thin Man Films [gb] UK 7.5 6857 2019-12-1 Shown(1x)
Close-Up: Oscar Levant Interview (1958)

2019-12-3 Shown(1x)
Git! (1965)
Chaplain, Jack; North, Heather; Bradley, Leslie; (and 8 others) Drama; Family 92 min Kadison, Ellis Kadison, Ellis; McCoy, Homer Lambro, Phillip Avil, Gordon World-Cine Associates Production [us] USA 4.9 14 2019-12-4 Shown(1x)
DuPont Show of the Month, The: Wuthering Heights (1957)

2019-12-6 Shown(1x)
Jungle Queen: Dragged Under (1945)

2019-12-7 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Females Is Fickle (1940)

2019-12-7 Shown(1x)
Something Different (1964)
[O necem jinem (1963)]

Drama 85 min Chytilová, Vera Chytilová, Vera Slitr, Jirí Curík, Jan Ceskoslovenský Státní Film [cshh] Czechoslovakia 7.1 160 2019-12-8 Shown(1x)
The Return of the Pink Panther (1975)
Sellers, Peter; Plummer, Christopher; Schell, Catherine; (and 24 others) Comedy; Crime; Mystery 113 min Edwards, Blake Edwards, Blake; Waldman, Frank Mancini, Henry Unsworth, Geoffrey ITC Films; Jewel Productions [gb]; Pimlico Films UK; USA 7.1 20804 2019-12-10
Countryman (1982)
Countryman; Keller, Hiram; Bradshaw, Carl; (and 20 others) Drama 102 min Jobson, Dickie Jobson, Dickie; Thomas, Michael Badarou, Wally Chapuis, Dominique (I) Island [us] Jamaica 7.0 382 2019-12-13 Shown(1x)
Jungle Queen: The Secret of the Sword! (1945)

2019-12-14 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Stealin Ain't Honest (1933)

2019-12-14 Shown(1x)
Beauty's Worth (1922)
Davies, Marion; Stanley, Forrest; Elvidge, June; (and 9 others) Drama; Romance 112 min Vignola, Robert G. Kerr, Sophie; Reed, Luther
Morgan, Ira H. Cosmopolitan Productions [us] USA 8.2 568 2019-12-15 Shown(1x)
McHale's Navy (1964)
Borgnine, Ernest; Conway, Tim; Flynn, Joe; (and 15 others) Comedy; War 93 min Montagne, Edward Brown, George Carleton; Gill Jr., Frank; Rose, Si Fielding, Jerry Margulies, William Universal Pictures [us] USA 6.4 653 2019-12-17 Shown(1x)
Made in U.S.A. (1987)
Singer, Lori; Baldwin, Judith; Martin, Marji; Pasdar, Adrian; Penn, Chris; Wells, Tiny; (and 26 others) Adventure; Comedy; Crime; Drama; Romance 82 min Friedman, Ken Kempinski, Zbigniew; Wechsler, Nick
Clark, Curtis (I) De Laurentiis Entertainment Group (DEG) [us]; Hemdale [gb] USA 5.6 311 2019-12-20 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: Seal Skinners (1939)

2019-12-21 Shown(1x)
The Mystery of the River Boat: Tragic Crash (1944)

2019-12-21 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Me Feelins Is Hurt (1940)

2019-12-21 Shown(1x)
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (1983)
Bowie, David; Conti, Tom; Sakamoto, Ryuichi; (and 56 others) Drama; War 123 min Ôshima, Nagisa Mayersberg, Paul; van der Post, Laurens; Ôshima, Nagisa Sakamoto, Ryuichi Narushima, Tôichirô Antares-Nova [nz]; Broadbank Investments [nz]; Cineventure Productions London; Jeremy Thomas Productions; National Film Trustees; Oshima Productions [jp]; Recorded Picture Company (RPC) [gb]; TV Asahi [jp] UK; Japan; New Zealand 7.3 11706 2019-12-22 Shown(1x)
Satanis: The Devil's Mass (1970)

Documentary 86 min Laurent, Ray

Eisman, Richard; Tanner, Carlon
USA 5.9 271 2019-12-27 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: Slap-Happy Lion (1947)

2019-12-28 Shown(1x)
The Mystery of the River Boat: Phantom Killer (1944)

2019-12-28 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Onion Pacific (1933)

2019-12-28 Shown(1x)
Repeat Performance (1947)
Hayward, Louis; Leslie, Joan; Field, Virginia; (and 5 others) Crime; Drama; Film-Noir; Mystery 91 min Werker, Alfred L. Bullock, Walter; O'Farrell, William Antheil, George O'Connell, L. William Bryan Foy Productions [us] USA 6.9 293 2019-12-28
Beyond the Time Barrier (1960)
Clarke, Robert; Ulmer, Arianne; Sokoloff, Vladimir; (and 13 others) Romance; Sci-Fi 75 min Ulmer, Edgar G. Pierce, Arthur C. Calker, Darrell Nicholson, Meredith M. (II) Miller Consolidated Pictures (MCP) [us] USA 5.3 875 2020-01-1 Shown(1x)
Sorrowful Jones (1949)
Hope, Bob; Ball, Lucille; Demarest, William; (and 8 others) Comedy; Drama 88 min Lanfield, Sidney Hartmann, Edmund L.; Hellman, Sam; Lehman, Gladys; Lipman, William R.; Rose, Jack; Runyon, Damon; Shavelson, Melville; Styler, Burt Dolan, Robert Emmett Fapp, Daniel L. Paramount Pictures [us] USA 7.0 472 2020-01-2 Shown(1x)
Escape from the Planet of the Apes (1971)
McDowall, Roddy; Hunter, Kim; Dillman, Bradford; (and 20 others) Action; Sci-Fi 98 min Taylor, Don Boulle, Pierre; Dehn, Paul Goldsmith, Jerry Biroc, Joseph F. APJAC Productions [us]; Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation [us] USA 6.3 26218 2020-01-3 Shown(1x)
Chopping Mall (1986)
Maroney, Kelli; O'Dell, Tony; Todd, Russell; (and 22 others) Comedy; Horror; Sci-Fi 95 min Wynorski, Jim Mitchell, Steve; Wynorski, Jim Cirino, Chuck Richmond, Tom (I) Concorde Pictures; Trinity Pictures USA 5.6 7045 2020-01-3 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: Romeo in Rhythm (1940)

2020-01-4 Shown(1x)
Mysterious Mr. M, The: Flood of Flames (1946)

2020-01-4 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Wimmin Is a Myskery (1940)

2020-01-4 Shown(1x)
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre (1967)
Robards, Jason; Segal, George; Meeker, Ralph; (and 25 others) Crime; Drama; History 100 min Corman, Roger Browne, Howard Newman, Lionel; Steiner, Fred Krasner, Milton R. Corman Co. [ro]; Los Altos Productions [us] USA 6.7 2826 2020-01-8 Shown(1x)
Multiple Maniacs (1970)
Divine; Lochary, David; Pearce, Mary Vivian; (and 32 others) Comedy; Crime; Horror 96 min Waters, John Waters, John Clinton, George S. Waters, John (I) Dreamland USA 7.0 1752 2020-01-10 Shown(1x)
Female Trouble (1974)
Divine; Lochary, David; Pearce, Mary Vivian; (and 35 others) Comedy; Crime 92 min Waters, John Waters, John
Waters, John (I) Dreamland USA 7.3 5929 2020-01-10 Shown(1x)
Mysterious Mr. M: The Double Trap (1946)

2020-01-11 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Nurse Mates (1933)

2020-01-11 Shown(1x)
The Bridge (1959)
[Die Brücke (1959)]
Bohnet, Folker; Wepper, Fritz; Hinz, Michael; (and 20 others) Drama; War 103 min Wicki, Bernhard Gregor, Manfred; Mansfeld, Michael; Vivier, Karl-Wilhelm; Wicki, Bernhard Majewski, Hans-Martin von Bonin, Gerd Fono Film [de] West Germany 7.8 5776 2020-01-12 Shown(1x)
Once Upon a Time in America (1984)
De Niro, Robert; Woods, James; McGovern, Elizabeth; (and 58 others) Crime; Drama 139 min Leone, Sergio Arcalli, Franco; Benvenuti, Leonardo; De Bernardi, Piero; Ferrini, Franco; Gastaldi, Ernesto; Grey, Harry; Kaminsky, Stuart; Leone, Sergio; Medioli, Enrico Morricone, Ennio Delli Colli, Tonino Embassy International Pictures; Ladd Company, The [us]; Producers Sales Organization (PSO) [us]; Rafran Cinematografica [it]; St. Petersburg Clearwater Film Commission [us] Italy; USA 8.4 242426 2020-01-15 Shown(1x)
Whisky Galore! (1949)
Radford, Basil; Lacey, Catherine; Seton, Bruce; (and 18 others) Comedy; Crime 80 min Mackendrick, Alexander MacKenzie, Compton; MacPhail, Angus Irving, Ernest Gibbs, Gerald Ealing Studios [gb] UK 7.3 3882 2020-01-17 Shown(1x)
The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover (1977)
Crawford, Broderick; Wainwright, James; Parks, Michael; (and 58 others) Biography; Drama 112 min Cohen, Larry Cohen, Larry Rózsa, Miklós Glickman, Paul Larco Productions [us] USA 6.4 429 2020-01-17 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: The Unwelcome Guest (1945)

2020-01-18 Shown(1x)
Mysterious Mr. M, The: Highway Execution (1946)

2020-01-18 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Fightin' Pals (1933)

2020-01-18 Shown(1x)
Bugsy Malone (1976)
Baio, Scott; Dugger, Florrie; Foster, Jodie; (and 40 others) Comedy; Crime; Family; Musical 93 min Parker, Alan Parker, Alan Williams, Paul Biziou, Peter; Seresin, Michael Bugsy Malone Productions [gb]; Goodtimes Enterprises [gb]; National Film Finance Consortium [gb]; National Film Trustee Company [gb]; Rank Organisation, The [gb]; Robert Stigwood Organization (RSO) [us] UK 6.9 13205 2020-01-22 Shown(1x)
Scandal: The Trial of Mary Astor (2018)

Farewell, My Lovely (1975)
Mitchum, Robert; Rampling, Charlotte; Ireland, John; (and 37 others) Crime; Mystery; Thriller 95 min Richards, Dick Chandler, Raymond; Goodman, David Zelag Shire, David Alonzo, John A. EK; ITC Films USA 7.2 4676 2020-01-24 Shown(1x)
Scary Movie (1991)
Hawkes, John; Aldrich, Suzanne; Lunning, Ev; (and 44 others) Comedy; Horror 82 min Erickson, Daniel Erickson, Daniel; Smith, David Lane; Voges, Mark Hehmsoth, Hank Bigley, Ivan Generic Movies [us] Canada; USA 4.9 407 2020-01-24 Shown(1x)
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)
Hopper, Dennis; Williams, Caroline; Siedow, Jim; (and 15 others) Comedy; Horror 89 - 101 min Hooper, Tobe Carson, L.M. Kit; Hooper, Tobe Hooper, Tobe; Lambert, Jerry Kooris, Richard Cannon Films [us]; Golan-Globus Productions [us] USA 5.6 20913 2020-01-24 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: The Winning Ticket (1938)

2020-01-25 Shown(1x)
Mysterious Mr. M, The: Heavier than Water (1946)

2020-01-25 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Doing Impossikible Stunts (1940)

2020-01-25 Shown(1x)
Try and Get Me! (1950)
[The Sound of Fury (1950)]
Lovejoy, Frank; Ryan, Kathleen; Carlson, Richard; (and 9 others) Crime; Drama; Film-Noir; Thriller 91 min Endfield, Cy Endfield, Cy; Pagano, Jo Friedhofer, Hugo Roe, Guy Robert Stillman Productions [us] USA 7.3 687 2020-01-25
Nightporter (1974)
[Il portiere di notte (1974)]
Bogarde, Dirk; Rampling, Charlotte; Leroy, Philippe; (and 14 others) Drama 118 min Cavani, Liliana Alberti, Barbara; Cavani, Liliana; Moscati, Italo; Pagani, Amedeo Paris, Daniele Contini, Alfio Lotar Film Productions Italy 6.8 8854 2020-01-26 Shown(1x)
Come and See (1985)
[Idi i smotri (1985)]
Kravchenko, Aleksey; Mironova, Olga; Laucevicius, Liubomiras; (and 23 others) Drama; War 105 - 142 min Klimov, Elem Adamovich, Ales; Klimov, Elem Yanchenko, Oleg Rodionov, Aleksei (I) Belarusfilm [suhh]; Mosfilm [suhh] Soviet Union 8.3 31565 2020-01-26 Shown(1x)
Shoah: Four Sisters (2018)

2020-01-27 Shown(1x)
Deathsport (1978)
Carradine, David; Jennings, Claudia; Lynch, Richard; (and 13 others) Action; Drama; Sci-Fi; Sport; Thriller 82 min Arkush, Allan; Corman, Roger; Niciphor, Nicholas Doel, Frances; Niciphor, Nicholas; Stewart, Donald Stein, Andy Graver, Gary New World Pictures [us] USA 3.8 1113 2020-01-31 Shown(1x)
Cherry 2000 (1987)
Andrews, David; Balgobin, Jennifer; Bell, Marshall; (and 23 others) Action; Adventure; Comedy; Sci-Fi 95 - 99 min De Jarnatt, Steve Almereyda, Michael; Fonvielle, Lloyd Poledouris, Basil Haitkin, Jacques (I) ERP Productions (I) [us]; Orion Pictures [us] USA 5.4 7205 2020-01-31 Shown(1x)