Moviecollector's elusive Old Schedules project

Movies only - Historical Premieres

(>44 min, no shorts, no TV series episodes or serials)

Last updated 3/2/2019

This is not a yearly-cumulative "unique" list that gets reset each year (as my other quantitative reports are). This is just a count of movies as they premiered on TCM, across all broadcast years. That is, TCM's first occurrence of each feature-length film (45 min or greater), and the year that it was aired. So hypothetically speaking, if TCM aired Fletch for the first time in 2002, then it would only get counted once here in 2002, then never again and never before.

The first few TCM broadcast years are the largest because they burned through most of their premieres during those years.

Contiguous from Dec 2000 - present. Tentatively scheduled films are counted here, but will eventually roll off if not aired.

[TCM schedule year] [(movie production year)] = [count of Premieres]