Moviecollector Ohio's elusive Old Schedules project

This site is comprised of a series of reports which present info from all the old TCM schedules I could come up with, in order to have as complete a picture as possible of their broadcast history.  I am not affiliated with TCM.   See bottom of page for more source info and missing months which I am still looking for.

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TCM Schedules Summary
An alphabetic listing of all the features TCM has aired over their history. It is large and may take a while to open.
TCM_SCHEDULES_SUMMARY [large file: over 5MB]

TCM Imports
A subset of the TCM Schedules Summary report.  This is just the foreign films, listed by original title.
Imports by original title

Has It Been 10 Years?
A subset of the TCM Schedules Summary report.  This lists movies playing currently or in the near future which haven't played for at least ten years.

Future Premieres
A subset of the TCM Schedules Summary report.
It lists features in chronological order which occur for the first time. (As per "Last Updated" date at top of report)

Current Statistics
Monthly counts of recent, current, and future movie-length features


Reports #1 & #2 - Movies Only
A yearly count of movies only (>44 min, no shorts, no TV series episodes or serials, some TV movies & TV specials).



Reports #3 & #4 - Movies Only, Rarities
A yearly count of movies shown less. At this time I have that set to 7x or less (rather arbitrary) just to achieve a balance, all time frames are affected proportionately for comparitive purposes. Older rarity counts are limited to their own context at the time they aired, meaning they remain accurate even after certain titles have repeated again at later dates and are no longer counted as "rare".


Report #5 - Past Premieres
A yearly count of past premieres, according to year when they premiered. Feature-length movies only (45 min or longer).

Movies-only listing with premiere data
A movies-only listing, extra column "First Scheduled" is included to show premiere data. A large file.

Rarity Scheduling Lists

Here is a Movies-only listing, sorted by last-played date (on far right of page). Movies that haven't played in a while will be towards the top, current or future scheduled movies towards the bottom. It is large and may take a while to open.
Movies Only, sorted by last-scheduled

Here is another Movies-only listing, sorted by number of times shown, then by last-played date (both on far right of page). Movies that have only played once will be towards the top, multiple times towards the bottom. Within each of those groups, they are listed in order of last played. It is large and may take a while to open. [hat-tip to stephan55]
Movies Only, sorted by times-shown & last-scheduled

Moviecollector's X-Files

These movies don't appear in my TCM Schedules Summary report, I don't have evidence TCM showed them.  This is based on the remainder of IMDB's movie data, broken down into several useful categories.

I decided not to list shorts here because they weren't always included on the schedules. Genre must not be "Short", and Duration must be 45 min or longer. [Some earlier shorts of unknown duration may be listed.]

Ordered by year, and then alphabetically within each year, to make it easier to find movies from similar time periods.

















unscheduled_Miscellaneous_Production_Companies [large file: over 5MB]

unscheduled_UK_Production_Companies [approx 3MB]






unscheduled_Musical_Genre_Intl [large file: over 5MB]






A combination of monthly website schedules, Now Playing guides and printed mailers were exclusively used for source material from TCM's earliest months and up through the month of Dec 2010.

From Jan 2011 and up through the most recent month-ending, another viewer's independent broadcast log project takes precedence over the official schedule for my source material. We still take the official TCM schedule into consideration, but ultimately use his records of what has actually been broadcast - after the fact - as his data has proven to be more accurate than the official schedule. He has been working with me closely on this project, on an ongoing long-distance collaboration, though he doesn't participate on the forums.

Current and upcoming months are added from the online monthly TCM schedules, to be replaced each month until each gets to be the month-ending entry, the broadcast log data, at which point it is frozen.

Missing Months

All months are accounted for from Dec 2000 - present.

I'm still looking for these monthly schedules:

[this "missing months" list updated last on June 4 2019]

Apr-May-Jun 1994
Jun-Dec 1998
Jan-Oct 1999
Nov 2000

If you have any of these months, maybe you could help me fill them in. I would prefer the original HTML files or original mailers (flatbed-scanned or copied). PM me for further details if you want to help.